In today’s world, everyone is doing online shopping. There are so many reasons for online shopping like so many options and varieties, the company ensures secure shopping, delivery will be at your doorstep, and returns are also available. The customers find online shopping very convenient and easy. The sellers are giving an advantage to customers by promoting their products online and delivering to customers. There are some safety measures that you need to take while doing online shopping. The information, details, and data you enter while online shopping should be safe and secure so that a third party will not be able to access it.

10 Tips for safer online shopping

  • Avoid debit cards: – The debit card is the ones that are directly linked to your bank account. The customer should use credit cards or PayPal payment services for online shopping. The debit card does not give you any surety regarding theft safety but credit cards do. The credit cards will provide you protection against theft. The hacking of information and account details is easy from debit cards. When information is already hacked of your debit card and your account is clean then at that time you will come to know that your card is hacked but this will not happen with credit cards as they will give liability on fraudulent charges.
  • Use secure and familiar websites: – Before moving ahead and enter details on the online shopping website make sure that the website is secure and details which you will enter will be safe. For ensuring the security of the website you will see the address bar. The URL consists of HTTP or HTTPS. If the website is using HTTPS in the URL then you will be at the correct place and your information is secure. The websites with HTTP will not secure your information so never do online shopping from those websites.
  • Look for the lock icon: – There is a lock icon present in the address bar. This lock icon is the SSL certificate which makes your data secure and encrypted. Never ever buy anything from the website which is not secure with an SSL certificate. This will transfer only that amount of information to a recipient which the company needs to confirm the order. The SSL security will ensure the customer and makes the website trustworthy.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi: – Privatize your Wi-Fi or internet connection. Don’t use public Wi-Fi as these can be dangerous. This will hack your identity and personal information if you are public Wi-Fi for online shopping. Not every Wi-Fi or hotspot encrypt your information. It can share your information if you are using a public network for online shopping. If you are sharing your internet connection via hotspot, then again the strangers can hack your data which you will enter if they will have the right software. The best and safer option is to reach your home and use your personal and private internet connection for online shopping.
  • Keep an eye on your statements: – Using credit cards for online shopping is the smartest option but that doesn’t mean you will wait till the end of the month for your credit card statement. Always keep checking your statements on the official bank websites. This will give you the information regarding all the spending which you have made and if there is any extra or fraud charges is deducted from your card then the statement will show that. Be aware of your bills and statements. The same rule will be applied on debit cards as well if you are using them for online shopping.
  • Change your passwords: – The main key to keeping your information secure and encrypted is your passwords. Change the default settings and passwords and try to use the strongest password for saving your information. Change your password regularly is a hectic work but if you want to secure your information then this step is important. The password you are using should not be the same for every website. It will become easy for hackers to attack your data. The password on every online shopping website should be different and unique. This hack will secure your information while doing online shopping.
  • Update your browser: – Always update your browsers or software as it is one of the easiest and convenient ways of protecting your information. People feel updating the devices is tiring work but the results of information security are worth it. Older browser or software may not secure and encrypt your data as a new version of the browser do. The anti-virus and operating system should also be up to date. They will also the ones who help your device to run fast and save the data.
  • Put only needed information: – Most of the websites ask for information that is not even needed. Never enter more information other than required. Skip those fields in which optional is written. The fields only required to put the details only in that. Always read the privacy policy of the company from where you are doing online shopping. It is written in the privacy policy where your information will be shared and how much.
  • Stop clicking on links: – There hackers will try to send you some emails the same as the online shopping website page but don’t click on those email links and never fill up information on those as this is trick of hacking the information by getting some of the details from you. If emails or links gift you some bonus, then don’t click on them and if they are really tempting then research about it and ask some if they used these types of schemes. Always call the bank directly for clarification that they have sent you such type of email or not.
  • Avoid using public devices: – Always use your personal device for shopping online. Public devices will never be used as they meant to be used by so many people and data that you have entered in public devices can be shared with so many people who use the device. Any stranger can easily hack your information from public devices. Stick on your personal devices for online shopping which will encrypt your information and provides you safety.

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