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Tips for Buying Laptop – Notebook (2020 Guide)

Everything you need to know to buy a notebook (Laptop or notebook) at the best price and with the best features. This is an activity for which many people do not know exactly which laptop is the best for them, that’s why I have prepared this guide, in order that you do not pay more than you should but do not buy something less than your needs.

Whether you want the best laptop to study, work, business, office, university, or play, with the best processor or the best battery, this article will help you make a great decision. Below is a list of tips and recommendations, all current.

Steps to buy a laptop or notebook

  • It defines what use you will give it and the programs you will run.
  • Review the hardware requirements for these programs.
  • Set your budget (The amount of money you can afford to spend).
  • Search various models and compare prices and features.
  • Verify opinions of other users.
  • Choose a notebook that has better hardware than you need or the best you can buy with your budget.

Review below the key guidelines you should know in order to make the best decision regarding price and available technologies.

Most importantly, what are you going to use it for?

In the market there are laptops from 200 to more than 2000 dollars, with that breadth it can be difficult to make a choice, firstly keep in mind that in computing not always more is better, if you only plan to connect to Twitter, Facebook, and your e-mail You do not need to buy a high-end equipment that would be a waste of money, focus on acquiring a Best laptop for lawyers whose capacity is sufficient for the use that you would give in around two years.

Start by defining your needs and based on that you will know the minimum and recommended technical requirements of the programs that you use and / or will use in the future, if this terminology is strange to you, don’t worry, I am going to present you four ranges of laptops for that you orient yourself easily:

Minimum range (Less than 250$)

They are intended for the most basic use possible, they are used to surf the Internet and use some basic and very basic programs. They tend to have very little storage memory, RAM, and an extremely basic processor. You will find Chrome books and simple computers with Windows 10 and even with GNU / Linux.

Low or entry range (Less than $ / € 400)

Ideal for the common user, they work fluently to surf the Internet, watch videos and movies, listen to music, work with Excel and Word, do school, university or office work, in other words, what the vast majority of people actually do. .

They are not suitable for demanding jobs such as opening many programs at the same time, advanced image and video editing, CAD, among others.

They usually omit some accessories such as DVD drives (Who needs them?) And their CPUs are simple but today very compliant. Near the 350 to 400 $ / € you can find some models with Core i3 or AMD A6 or A8 highly recommended. Check out at least 500GB of Hard Drive, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and dual-core processor.

Medium range (450 to 600 $ / €)

If you want something more advanced but do not require ultra-high capacity computing, this is your option. There are models that have up to 8GB of RAM, 500GB to 1000GB (1TB) of hard drive, and good Intel Core i3, Core i5, and mid-range processors as well as AMD A8, A10 and some A12. About $ 600 / € some incorporate SSD drives that are very good but smaller in capacity. If you can afford it, buy one of these.

Remember, the closer you are to $ 450 the more it will resemble a low-end team, the closer to $ 600 the better. Consider that touch laptops sacrifice benefits for the cost of the screen, do not be surprised that in this case some have the rest of the hardware like that of the previous range, if the touch is not important for you, spend your money buying better hardware.

  • Recommended for: Daily use, games that are not very demanding, bloggers, webmasters, journalists, writers, students, teachers, professionals and engineers that do not require high-end computing, etc.

Upper middle range (600 to 850 $ / €)

We started talking about very good Hardware, you can have a 1TB laptop of storage or 256GB SSDs, Intel Core i7 CPUs and media and AMD A10, A12 and FX of very good performance, 8GB up to 16GB of RAM, dedicated video and all those bullshit that will make your life very happy, well maybe not so much, but you understand me.

  • Recommended Best Laptop Backpack: demanding users, professionals who require a good level of power, and even for some light to medium-sized tasks: graphic design (if it is only photoshopped with 8GB of RAM it is enough), CAD, video editing, engineers who use simulators that require some power, among others.

So which range to choose?

If the terminology is not complicated, do not worry about the range, take the recommended requirements (not the minimum) of the software you use that demands the most and add 50% or more of capacity and with that you will be covered for a sufficient time, then buy the notebook that most closely meets those requirements and that your pocket allows, if it is to work, do not complicate yourself, see this purchase as an investment and allocate the amount of money that is required if your work is good the will make it up to you.

If you don’t mind reading a little more technical things and you have some time to make such an important decision, keep reading, otherwise don’t worry, I think you already have the necessary information.


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