Tips and tricks to increase your viewing time on YouTube


lIt’s easy to get bogged down in vanity metrics when running a digital marketing agency. Clients want to see results and your team wants to show the value of their efforts. Sadly, highlighting things like followers, likes, impressions and opinions a little earlier only paints a small part of the story. You need to align your strategic plan with all the social media performance indicators (KPIs) that your customers care about. You can track various metrics on YouTube, including YouTube views, impressions, and click-through rates. Still, there’s one metric you need to prioritize above all others: Increase YouTube watch time. YouTube can be a great place to make money making art in the form of videos. People who want to get into the world of YouTube content creation need to understand the prospect of increasing YouTube watch time which will lead to the best results. Let’s discuss what watch time is, how it affects your channel, and how to increase it

1) What is YouTube watch time?

Let’s address the elephant in the room, the definition of watch time. Watch time is defined as the amount of time your audience watches your content. Watch time gives you all the details about how viewers perceived and reacted to your video. This information is provided to users in the form of analysis.

2) What is the impact of follow-up time?

Total watch time is one of the most important features that YouTube considers in a channel. YouTube uses watch time analysis to push videos and recommend them if the results are impressive. It should also be noted that the referral cycle opens up the content creator to reach new heights and earn more.

3) How to increase YouTube watch time?

There are a few things creators can do to improve watch timeand you can also buy real youtube views. Let’s discuss the top ten recommendations to improve your viewing time.

4) Create top-notch content

Your content is the meat of the whole operation. Make sure your videos are not only cutting-edge in production, but also in context. This decision will help you in the grand scheme of things. Make sure the quality of your production is top notch. Invest in a good camera, lighting and microphone. Get a background to make it look professional.

5) Grab attention in fifteen seconds


The first fifteen seconds of a video are a goldmine for grabbing attention. It has been shown that the first fifteen seconds can reduce or decrease viewing time. In these fifteen seconds, your task is to capture the audience’s attention. You can either show a snippet of the most exciting part of the video or briefly summarize what you will be discussing. You can also remind viewers to watch until the end. A 15-second segment will help you gain favor with the YouTube algorithm and get your videos recommended.

6) Thumbnails, titles and descriptions

Previews, titles and descriptions are the backbone of the entire operation. Your content won’t shine if you don’t use the most appropriate thumbnails, titles, and descriptions. For thumbnails, make sure you use an image that reflects what your video is about without being misleading. It should be noted that people are more attracted to colors (bright or aesthetically pleasing) and visual challenges (emoji). The same rules apply to headings, but in text form. Make sure your headline isn’t too long or too short. Make sure it grabs attention by featuring the content of the video. Look for SEO-friendly titles. Mention the context of the video in your descriptions to help analysis and audience. Descriptions help everyone understand the context of the video. For maximum results, add SEO-friendly words (an SEO company in Dallas can help you with this). Also add hashtags and links.

7) Engage with the audience

There is no shame in asking your audience for likes, comments and subscriptions. These interactions will help you improve your viewing time with a snowball effect. More engagement leads to analytics pushing your videos and getting more audience with perfect online advertising.

8) Create a playlist

Let people see the best of you you can alsow buy youtube views paypal. Create playlists that are relevant and well structured.

9) Check Analytics

Review your analytics to see what your audience is interested in in terms of content. Use this information to generate content you like and discard what doesn’t work.

10) Add closed captions to your video

closed captions can be added anywhere in the video before and after recording. Captions help users who need them engage with your content. It will help you improve your online presence in terms of organic traffic.

11) Share on social media

After uploading a video to youtube, make sure your audience knows about it. It will help you by sharing the video link on your social networks.


Total watch time is one of the most important aspects of YouTube.  By using the right tricks, you can climb the viewership rankings. Improving your viewing time will give you several benefits. YouTube prioritizes videos with longer watch times, which results in videos reaching featured content and attracting more audience members. You can easily increase your CPM with these tips and tricks. It will help you get more engagement and sales.


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