Fix Thunderbird Not Receiving or Sending Emails

Thunderbird Not Receiving or Sending Emails

Emails are a very important part of your life and the main function of an email account is to send and receive emails. But, what if the email account that you are using is not sending and receiving emails? This can be very problematic for you as this will render your email account useless and you cannot do anything that you want to. 

There can be many reasons for the same issue however, you need to focus on the methods that you can use when you want to fix thunderbird email not working on your device. 

How can you Fix Thunderbird email not sending and receiving emails

As you know that there are different glitches and errors in the email account however, there can also be some very serious issues and that is why you need to carefully read all the different methods that we are giving here that will help you in resolving the issue. Ensure that the configuration of the settings is correct for your email account. 

Solution 1: Check the email settings

The IMAP and SMTP server settings of any email service are very important as these settings are responsible for sending and receiving emails. That is why, you need to verify and check these settings to ensure that your email account faces no issues in sending and getting emails. 

Solution 2: Make sure that your emails are not getting blocked

There can be a situation when you have fixed the settings yet you are still facing the problem. If thunderbird not receiving emails then, there can be high chance that your emails are getting blocked and this may happen because of the antivirus or the firewall that you have installed on your device. The antivirus does not trust the email version that you are using and that is why it blocks your emails. You need to shut off the Antivirus or the firewall and then, use your email account. 

Solution 3: Contact the Thunderbird Support team

If you are not able to use the methods that we have given above to fix your issues then, you need to raise a request to the support team of Thunderbird. You can use your Gmail or Yahoo email account to contact the thunderbird team so that they can provide you with information that you can use to fix the issues that you are facing. 

We hope that you can use the methods that we have given here to resolve the issues that you are facing with your Thunderbird email account. 

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