Things You Need to Know about CBD oil packaging

Cannabidiol is a natural oil extracted from the cannabis plant. It offers several health benefits like treating skin inflammation, curing depression, tension, and various heart diseases. Sometimes, CBD is also used for recreational purposes. Over the past few decades, the demand for cannabis products and custom CBD packaging has increased significantly industry-wide. Several companies are selling organic items like CBD oil.

To attract customers more, these oils are packed in well-designed boxes. Such packaging ensures better protection for your delicate products and helps in retaining their quality for a long. The use of interesting customization options can give it an adorable display. CBD oil boxes make your products stand out on shelves. They display all the valuable information that a customer wants to know before purchasing. However, to design a perfect packaging for your CBD oils, you need to know several aspects. Here is a list of some things that are of utmost importance:

Create a Packaging that Differentiates:

It is a common practice that retailers put similar items on the same shelf. As your product is CBD oil and many other brands are serving the customers with similar products, so it becomes difficult to differentiate. Your custom CBD oil packaging can do it much better. As the basic product is the same i.e. CBD oil so it is not possible to make any changes in the shape or size of the package. But you can create a different design that makes your products different and recognizable for the target audience. Use an attractive scheme, easy-to-read font style, and fascinating images to provide an eye-catchy display. Sometimes a minimalistic packaging style can create more impact than the one bombarded with different design elements. Such packaging helps in differentiating your CBD brand from others.

Provides Valuable Information:

The legal status of CBD products is already in the gray area. Therefore, it’s a good practice to print the complete information on your CBD oil packages. The necessary information to be highlighted includes:

  • Name of the product: The name of the product should be written prominently on the CBD oil packaging. It’s better to print the name on both sides as it makes a good impression on the customers. However, the font you choose should be less stylish and more readable and its size should be medium.
  • Ingredients: The ingredients used to make CBD oil should mention on its packaging along with their percentage proportion. The ingredients should be written on the backside. It facilitates the customers to decide which product to buy.
  • Instructions to Use: The instructions about the use of CBD oil do not refer to its dosage. You might have seen that on most of the medicines it is written that use it according to doctor’s advice. The instruction about use usually refers to this line.
  • Amount of CBD and THC: It is good to mention the percentage of CBD and THC used in the manufacturing of your CBD oil. The THC above 0.3% is illegal. When you mention its percentage on your CBD oil packaging it makes customers understand that your CBD oil is legal and safe to use.
  • Nutritional Information: Writing the nutritional profile on your CBD oil is not compulsory but it’s an effective marketing strategy. Nutritional information is the thing that attracts customers the most. By printing these details on your custom CBD oil packaging ensures the customers that your product is healthy to use.
  • Manufacturing and Expiry dates: It is a compulsion to mention especially on the medical-related CBD product. CBD oil is known for its medicinal properties so you should have to write the manufacturing and expiry date on it in a clear font.
  • Storage conditions: It is also a significant thing to be included in your CBD oil package. The storage condition means all the information related to where and how this product should be stored.

All these details are often very helpful for the consumers. They make customers realize that it is a completely legal product according to FDA rules.

Create a Perfect Mix of Design Elements:

In addition to printing all the necessary details on your CBD oil packaging, it is also important to make it eye-catchy. To create an aesthetically appealing display, you need to create a perfect mix of different design elements like colors, typography, images, and logo, etc. These elements should be well-balanced with each other. They should give a simple yet attractive look rather than appear complex to understand for the target audience. There is a large percentage of customers that purchase a product just because of its packaging. A packaging that is informative, protective as well as attractive in the display makes their purchase decision much easier.

Packaging that Highlights Your Brand:

Your CBD oil boxes play an important role in making your brand more recognizable in-crowd. Most of the time it happens that people do not remember your brand by name but it’s your packaging that makes them recognize your products easily. The use of a creative logo, a specific printing design, a signature color scheme or an interactive graphic can occupy a permanent impression on the customers’ minds. Such packaging can also act as an effective marketing strategy for your business.

Child-Resistant CBD oil Packaging:

According to FDA, creating child-resistant packaging is another important requirement when it comes to CBD products. CBD oil contains some percentage of THC. It is a psychoactive drug and has proved to be very dangerous for children. It’s the reason that the FDA has decided on some strict set of rules about its packaging.

The use of Custom Boxes and Glass Bottles:

According to the rules stated by FDA, the best packaging for CBD oil is a glass jar. This is because glass does not absorb oil and it is also UV resistant. The jar of blue, green, and violet color is most suitable. Some other commonly available packaging options include plastic-colored jars, bottles, metallic tins, or wooden boxes. Once you have packed the CBD oil in your desired container, the next step is to enclose it in a custom-designed cardboard box to enhance the level of protection. As glass jars are prone more to damage so placing them in durable packaging can ensure the safe delivery of the items.


As your custom wholesale boxes reflects the quality of your products. So, you should consider several things before selecting the packaging for your CBD oil. It should meet the necessary packaging requirements. Your CBD oil boxes should be clean, unique, and attractive. They do not just protect the inner product but also play a prominent role in promoting your brand in a retail environment. So, it is important to make complete research before finalizing the packaging for your CBD oil.

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