Things We Will Never Take for Granted After Lock-down

The dreadful lockdown has ripped us off from all the beauty in this world. What’s worse than being stuck at home all day, not being to see your friends smile, share laughter, and visit your loved ones. What worse than not being able to hit your favorite coffee shop in the morning or devouring all meals that you fancy with a good company. And the beach! Let’s not forget the beach. Saying goodbye to all the outdoor activities that we once enjoyed in the sun. This pandemic has changed our lives, minds, and our souls for good.

These days are going out for just ice cream to seem like a dream. As we practice social distancing, the idea of just staying positive all the time is demeaning, and to be honest; it’s very difficult. Of course! We’re watching these videos online and routines of people battling through this stage of depression but let’s face it, this lockdown will take a toll on our lives, our mental stability, and things would never be the same once we get out of this.

Can you imagine? Our lives being so meaningless that they can be destroyed by an organism that isn’t even visible to the human eye. If it weren’t for coronavirus, I would be on my way to visit turkey right now! But do I care about turkey right now? No! I only care about meeting my friends and going out to the park for a stroll enjoying my chocolate fudge gelato. The simpler things in life. Hence, this blog has been especially curated to enlist all those common simple things that we have always taken for granted before this lockdown.

So here is a rundown of some basic things that I miss and wish I can do before this pandemic happened.

Simply Going out for Walk

While we can still do that but we even won’t have any company. Our family members could always come, but our friends cannot. Neither can we enjoy rollerblading or getting snacks or ice cream? What I miss most about going out was the sun beaming right on my face, and the fresh breeze caressing my skin. Smelling the fresh popcorns pop and listening to the sound of kid’s laughter running and playing together in the park.

Meeting a Friend for Drinks

Meeting my friends for drinks was a weekend thing for me. Every Saturday and Sunday, I get major hangout blues. People frequently meet their colleagues for coffee almost every day. Imagine not being to see your loved ones for ages now.

Hugging People

So this is a classic one! Since we have been practicing social distancing, we can barely shake hands with people, let alone hug them. Don’t you miss hugging your favorites human beings on this planet and just feeling the stress melt away in a jiffy! This has been the hardest thing to let go of.
Going to a restaurant for a meal with the family.

I used to go out with my family every other weekend. To put a stop to that and having to eat homemade meals all day every day is seriously getting the best of me. I think I am not alone in this. The warmth of family time can still be enjoyed at home minus your favorite cuisines, though!

Mall Trawling

So I have a shopaholic all my life. I could do 6 hours of nonstop shopping with no break. Missing out on those fantastic festive collections and sales makes me cry sometimes. I used to hit the mall with my mother. We used to get that mother-daughter bonding time I miss that the most.
Getting home delivery right till one’s doorstep.

Although drive thru’s and doorstep deliveries are still open, but in my case, deliveries aren’t accessible as I live in a military community, and there’re many restrictions. So yeah! It’s a no go for me. How sad!

Walking Through a Crowded Market

Walking through open markets for shopping has always been a fun thing to do because obviously you can’t get fresh supplies from the mall now cans you. I miss shopping for jewelry and eating freshly baked muffins the most also, this is the place where I used to bargain to my heart’s content and Wikipedia editor for hire.

Not Needing to Wash one’s Hands Regularly

Sanitizing one’s hands only when one was out and about before eating something or holding a baby. Now you need to do it every single time you come from a grocery store or meet someone.

Traveling in a Crowded Elevator

Without thinking twice about it. Even if someone sneezed, this is the worst one. I have to use the stairs all the time. It’s a great way to burn calories, but sometimes you don’t feel like doing it.

Taking a Vacation

Ahhh! I could just say one thing about this one. RIP to all my travel plans this year. Having a great wanderlust, I have always been enthusiastic about traveling. I even saved up money to take a trip to turkey this year! But guess what the only trips I have been taking so far are to from my bed to the bathroom.

Book Stores

Book clubs, book fairs, and book readings I crave for the most. I am a writer by profession, and I miss being around other writers and authors very much. It brought peace to me on a whole new level!

Wrap Up

So, our lives have been put on hold all of a sudden. Living each day with our hearts in our throats, choking with fears is terrible. Also, the possibility of anyone getting infected by this deadly disease is devastating. The dread of being struck down oneself, of not comprehending what the following schedule year will bring and how transformed we will all be toward the end, all things considered, we need to stay positive. We are not alone in this. We need to fight this together by staying home and staying safe. I hope once when this is over, we won’t take our lives for granted ever again.

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