Things to do during lockdown

As it seems, quarantine and lockdown are going to be our way of life for the days to come. Even if we do get relaxation in certain places, getting back to our normal life is a distant dream. Maybe this is the new normal. Staying at home, working from home, and spending a lot of time at home is what we should be prepared for. 


Indeed it sounds depressing. But fighting it and thinking about the past days will only get us morose. This is the time to pick up our mood and get on to do with a few quality things that will help us evolve as an individual in the COVID-free world!


There are lots that you can do in the current situation. Some of these can be the following:


Learn a new language:


A new language goes a long way to evolve one’s resume. So why not walk on that path and learn a language that can help you bag better jobs. Fortunately, many online courses are being hosted. Try one of those to enhance your skills. 


Practice Nail Art:

This is the ideal time to pamper yourself and your skin. Since you are not going in the harsh sun, surely your skin has got back it’s original glow. Your hands and feet and not charred. So why not get some fancy manicure by yourself using the new nail art craze? Fear not, there are many YouTube videos that you can check out to learn this fine art. 


Cocktail Making:

As soon as this pandemic gets over people will be visiting your place and you need to be prepared for it. Of course, you have mastered cooking already but how about drinks? Maybe a few cocktail making lessons can help. Again, there are many online videos and YouTube channels that you can refer to. These can teach you how to make simple yet amazing cocktails. 


Use this time to do something interesting, learn something interesting and of course grow as a person. 

Shashank Jain

A young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology.My passion for technical world persuaded me to start tech related blogs.And my main focus is to teach the things to the world and keep the world updated with every kind of technical stuff.

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