Things the lockdown has taught us

Locked in our homes with nowhere to go, we are spending our days in isolation. Sometimes it gets terrible. 


Even though you try to stay calm and divert your attention to constructive activities like learning a new skill or trying out new cuisine, you cannot help but feel depressed at times. 


However, such is going to be our lives for some time now until the virus is arrested. But did we not learn a few things during this time? 


For all these years we have taken so many things for granted. For instance, our freedom of going out. Did we even think how animals feel cooped up in a place where their very nature is to be free? 


We hated going to schools, offices, colleges. We wanted to stay home and laze out. Now we are tired of lazing and want to go out as soon as possible, but we cannot. 

The Lockdown has indeed taught us a few crucial lessons, some of which are:


Health is wealth: All these years many of us have been consuming fast food almost every day. Ordering food online and dining out was a part of our lives. However, with this virus looming large such activities have stopped. At the same time our need to consume antacids and digestive medicines too has been curtailed. Corona, though is a killer virus, has taught us the importance of healthy cooking and eating. 


Taking things for granted: Most of our lives play out in the “auto mode” Having a warm meal, going to the office, bumping into a neighbor in the lift, chilling in the office cafeteria, weekend parties, taking a walk in the park or just hugging a loved one. These are just some banal things that we all took for granted. However, today each of these things has become priceless. COVID- 19 taught us to appreciate these small pleasures in life. 


Of course, this too shall pass. But we will do ourselves a favor if we remember these small bits, as they will go a long way to make our lives better in the days to come.

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Shashank Jain

A young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology.My passion for technical world persuaded me to start tech related blogs.And my main focus is to teach the things to the world and keep the world updated with every kind of technical stuff.

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