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There are many situations where an abundant amount of power is required. It is always a good option to opt for a power source that could provide continuous energy for a longer period. This power requirement is satisfied by the latest technology showcased by Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are available in packs that can provide a large amount of energy due to multiple lithium-ion cells connected to them. Lithium-ion batteries can come with a rechargeable characteristic that can help increase their total shelf time and its usability. So if power sources are to be used in cases that call for complex scenarios concerning power requirements, lithium-ion batteries can be the best solution for this situation. The light weight associated with these batteries is also a new addition to the battery. They can solve problems related to power where issues regarding the constant exchange of batteries and immediate decaying of stored energy were to be considered. Hence it can be a trusted power source that can address these issues.

Custom lithium polymer battery packs are another type of arrangement of lithium polymer cells. It also offers the advantage of being light weighted and capable of being portable at the same time. Some of the features of the battery pack are:

  1. Large energy density
  2. Can be available in any number of prismatic sizes
  3. Highly reliable
  4. Long life is supported by the battery
  5. Low discharge concerning temperature


The battery packs made of Lithium polymer cells are lighter when compared to the normal lithium-ion batteries. One of the main reasons behind this is the foil-type packaging provided to the battery pack, and in the case of Lithium-ion batteries, the hard covering is used. The battery pack made of Lithium polymer cells has been provided with thin sheets internally, whereas, in lithium-ion batteries, compressed electrodes have been used. These sheets are already laminated before they are used in the internal construction since laminated sheets give the option to be modified into any size and shape. So it provides additional flexibility to the designers while creating such packs made of lithium polymer cells. Many companies are working towards the creation of batteries suited to voltage requirements. Safety requirements have been ensured in this polymer pack which adds another highlight to the entire cell arrangement. Compared to lithium-ion batteries, custom lithium polymer battery packs prove to be more advantageous due to the extra lightweight feature supported by it. 


So these battery packs also come with many applications like,

  1. Providing its highlights in uninterrupted power supply
  2. Marine vehicles and other portable power types of equipment
  3. Energy storage systems


The combinations of batteries with Lithium are constantly growing. Many researchers are coming up with newer combinations that can provide much better results. The basic working principle behind the working of all these batteries is based on the movement of freely moving carriers in the electrodes. Maximum efficiency and reliability in offering its sustaining power help the lithium-ion batteries and its other combinations to keep continuing the research activities to come up with newer types that will have the capability to be more light weighted and addressing the concerns of cost as well which will make the entire production of lithium-ion batteries economical to all.


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