The Ultimate Checklist for getting on a Charter Flight

If you’ve ever flown commercially, you might know the terms and conditions of flying. And so, there won’t be a lot of questions to ask. However, the criteria for a private charter jet are slightly different. One major perk of flying privately is eliminating tiresome security checks and luggage procedures. Regardless if you’re taking charter flights to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, there’re a few things to remember before getting onboard to ensure a smooth journey.

To your convenience, we’ve rounded up a checklist to get the best flying experience possible, yet you’ll play a significant part. Let’s get straight into the details. 

  • The Arrival time

While catching up with commercial flights, everyone must understand the hassles of arriving early. Fortunately, you won’t be facing the same hurdles before stepping onboard a charter jet.  We assume that you wouldn’t want to arrive at the last minute, yet the plane won’t take off without getting you onboard. The pilots will greet you too, isn’t that surreal? Yet, that’s just a grand gesture of welcoming guests to a private jet. So, there’s no rush in checking your luggage or making last-minute preparations.

  • Flight itinerary 

Your flight itinerary will carry all the grim details about your flight, so getting familiar will the information beforehand is of utmost importance. Since you won’t check in at the terminal building, your itinerary will make you follow the directions. It’ll also help identify the pilots when you get there. In addition, data about the aircraft is also a part of this regime. It will include your aircraft’s tail number, which you’ll be asked for upon reaching the airport.  

  • Relevant passenger’s info

Every passenger must have the relevant passenger info before arriving at the airport. Details like photo identification, passport, and international trip visas are mandatory. As you don’t have to stand in endless queues of luggage and custom formalities, the pilots will need to see your identification before you board, so make sure that your travel docs are handy. If you’re unsure about the documentation, don’t hesitate to contact the associated charter agency. 

  • Weight of the Baggage 

One of the greatest perks of flying privately is being able to lighten the load. With no hassles of standing in the luggage queues, the ground staff will meet you at your aircraft and place your bags directly on board. Since a private jet is smaller than a commercial plane, the size and weight of your luggage might be restricted if every passenger has planned to bring separate bags. 

Depending on the cargo’s space, every aircraft has different size limits. So, play it safe and ask about the luggage restrictions before packing up. Using soft bags instead of harder suitcases is a good way to utilize the space. 

  • Inquiring about catering

You’re in charge of the meals served when eating or drinking on a private jet. Let the aviation agency know about your preferences regarding cuisines before the flight, and they’ll set it up accordingly. Even if your meal is as easy as mushroom steak with beer or as lavish as a customized three-course meal from your favourite eatery, they’ll get you covered. 

  • Wear comfortable outfits

Flying privately might appear with an image of luxury and style, but here’s a pro tip, you can dress up as comfortably as you want. No one around to judge you or gossip about your dressing style. Do you prefer wearing baggy sweats over a top and jeans? The choice is yours. In addition, if you’ll directly land at a wedding party, even wearing a bridesmaid’s dress isn’t an issue. 

  • Make plans for the latter.

Private jets can land at almost every runway in the world. Upon landing, you’ll probably look for transportation to the hotel, business meeting or any other destination. In this regard, you’ve to prepare a separate checklist or book a transportation cab service to ensure that your trip is a complete package from beginning to end, without you getting lost on the way.

The End

Regardless of how much flexibility an aircraft charter brings to your table, you’re your saviour when preparing for the flight. For instance, if you forget your passport at home, the agency can lead you nowhere. Similarly, if you happen to leave the baggage at home, there’s no way they’ll get you outfits. Preparing a flying checklist and acquiring the pointers mentioned above is imperative.

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