Blogs,Current Affairs,Education ISIS IS MORE ANTI MUSLIM THAN BEING CALLED MUSLIMS Who are they killing in Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East? To cherish others is the beauty of a meaningful life. Those who value human dignity are the ones who cultivate the inner peace, and are rewarded, are the basic teachings of Abraham’s doctrine. Having said that let me say that Muslim values should not be labeled

as those of the few terrorists who do not represent 0.0001% of the 23% of the world’s Muslim population. Had it been so, then why is the Muslim faith the fastest growing faith today. Muslims across the continents fully endorse the views of Pope Francis in declaring Muslim and Christians as brothers and sisters. It may be reminded that these two faiths jointly are the 55% of the global population.

Additionally, the recent response of Rabbis in North America has helped bring Muslims and Jews much closer than before. The situation is conducive between the followers of the three great monotheistic religions who follow Abraham’s doctrine. The efforts of the leaders of these religions are paying off by bringing religious harmony amongst nations. ISIS has killed more Muslims than followers of any other faith, and has targeted the Muslim lands, not the state of Israel. These hoodlums are fighting the Muslims in the Middle East, and not a single Muslim country out of a 57 Members Islamic nations has brought a single parliamentarian belonging to ISIS through popular mandate. ISIS in no way represents the Islamic teachings or values. There is no way Adolf Hitler be called a Christian terrorist, or more recent, Slobodan Milosevic be called that way, although Hitler massacred hundreds of thousands of

innocent Jews, and Milosevic massacred hundreds of thousands of Muslims recently in Eastern Europe. The acts of Milosevic cannot justify an action against our brothers and sisters in Christianity. This is absurd, Mr. Donald Trump. The role of Muslim nations in support of American hegemony across the

continents are unprecedented including the dismantling of the Soviet Union, and thus making the United Sates as the sole superpower on earth today. Mr. Trump, please be reminded that it was a Muslim nation that was the first one to recognize the United States in 1777. Please also be reminded that 10% of the African American community of the United States has a Muslim heritage, including our elected President twice through popular votes. Creating hate in response to a hate propagated by an insignificant population bearing Muslim names does not entitle anyone to discredit American Muslims

serving our military and institutions of national security. This rhetoric should end now. It violates the basic principles of our constitution, and discredits all those Muslims who sacrificed for America. There are no parallels between actions on the Japanese population in the World War II, and the Muslims today. Are we talking of a clash of civilization with those who had been our allies in Gulf War I & II? Are

we talking of a war between the 23 and 32 % of world’s population

against the wishes of Vatican, Rabbinical College and Makkah? These are false notions in propagating a baseless campaign based on hate ideology. We reject these on its entirety. Are these high moral values of our country? AN

OVERARCHING QUESTION: In response to a question: 406, 496 persons died of gun violence, while 3,380 persons died of terrorism in our country. Should all those who own guns be exterminated from this country? (Reports CNN on 10-2-2015 on Oregon shooting). Note: Dr. Gholam Mujtaba has had a long career in politics across America and Pakistan. Currently, a Central Leader to the Republican Party of the United States of America and Chairman of Pakistani Policy Institute, USA, he is an expert on conflict management and Pakistani leadership. Recipient of the United States Congressional Recognition Award in 2015, Dr. Mujtaba has previously held such highly regarded positions as the Central Vice President of the All Pakistan Muslim League and an Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh.

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