The PVC Canvas Material You Didn’t Know You Needed

The PVC Canvas Material You Didn't Know You Needed

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, canvas material isn’t exactly the kind of thing you might imagine people seek out on their own in order to upgrade their existing products and materials around their homes. In fact, PVC material isn’t even something that most people know about because it has so many other uses that don’t necessarily include building materials. However, once you learn about the benefits of this amazing material and how it can benefit you and your home, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t using it!


PVC canvas material is a great alternative to traditional canvases for painters who don’t have adequate ventilation or experience working with toxic fumes. In addition, it’s more flexible than cotton and much lighter than traditional canvases, so you can take your creations wherever you want to go. UNISIGN uses PVC canvas because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy painting without putting their health at risk. For more information, visit our website!

Of course, there are other benefits of PVC canvas besides safety. It has antistatic properties that prevent dust particles from collecting on finished artworks, making it possible for you to easily clean them by wiping down with a lint-free cloth after each use. This also means your paintings will remain vibrant over time rather than starting to fade and crack like traditional artwork does over time. Other types of plastic material do not have these antistatic properties, making them prone to dust build-up and more challenging (and costly) to keep clean over long periods of time.

Protection against humidity

PVC canvas offers a strong moisture-repelling property that preserves your artwork even in high humidity. It’s also water- and mildew-resistant, so it can stand up to long periods of time outdoors. If you have children, pets or naturally nosy family members who like to touch your work, PVC provides a safe haven for your art. Because it is resistant to moisture and mildew, many galleries will accept work painted on PVC canvas as a viable option for displaying artwork. This material is especially useful if you live in an area where humidity levels are above 70 percent most of the year, such as Florida.

Lightweight and portable

UNISIGN® can be used almost anywhere as it’s incredibly lightweight and portable. This means you can create a comfortable, plush area in your home or office without having to worry about where to put your new furniture. And because it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, UNISIGN® can be used for more than just seating; it also makes great window curtains and backdrops for photo booths! Resistant to stains: Unlike traditional upholstery materials like leather and cotton, PVC canvas is resistant to stains. That means that even if you spill coffee on it (as we all do), you won’t have any permanent marks on your upholstery. Plus, if a stain does occur, all you need is some warm water and soap! With UNISIGN®, spills are no big deal—and neither are accidents with pets or kids! Even though our material is waterproof, we don’t recommend using our products outdoors—they aren’t designed for harsh weather conditions like direct sunlight and rain. But if they get wet by accident? No worries!


Since PVC isn’t absorbent, it doesn’t soak up water like canvas does. When painting outside or on location, it’s nice to have a surface that stays ready to go and won’t require you to plan extra time just in case of a sudden downpour. Plus, if you don’t need to worry about your canvas absorbing paint and repainting later, then you don’t need to worry about protection from harmful UV rays while allowing it to air dry either. These benefits alone are enough reason for painters who move around often and rely on oil-based paints—such as those on location portrait painters—to switch over right away.

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