The Perfect Circuit for a Bike-Trip to Uttarakhand

The Perfect Circuit for a Bike-Trip to Uttarakhand



I fancy bike trips. I remember the time I had my first bike trip in the year 2009. I was still in college and purchased a second-hand bajaj bike. كازينو اونلاين It was indeed my first bike that I bought after saving my pocket money for almost fifteen months. Later on, we turned out to become a team of six riders with the same bajaj bikes. 


Unlike today, bike trips were not very common then. Additionally, we were not aware of the destinations that we should travel to. It was the post-monsoon period of 2009 when I had my first bike trip to Uttarakhand. Interestingly, it has been one of the best motorcycle trips that I had in all these years. In this article, I share with you my entire experience during my bike trip. I’ve also suggested a circuit that you can follow while you plan a two-wheeler trip to Uttarakhand!


P.S.- For an easy understanding, I’ve kept Delhi as the origin of travel here. العاب تربح مال حقيقي  



Day 1: Delhi to Nainital


Delhi to Nainital is a very commonly done route. However, the ride is very soothing. The best part I find about the ride is the moment when you cross Haldwani. It is the place where we start climbing up the hills and, you can feel the cool breeze hitting you. The experience doubles if you are travelling here in mid-summers. 


Delhi to Nainital is around 250 km and will take you somewhere between 6-8 hours. You can take two routes to reach Nainital. The first route is the Delhi-Moradabad-Bazpur-Ramnagar-Nainital route. 

The second one is the Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Haldwani-Nainital route. Distance-wise, there’s not much difference among both of these. However, I find the latter one more enjoyable and better to ride. 


You can plan to stay near Bhowali if you are on a budget trip. Nainital could be a bit costlier and generally remains packed during the weekends. Choose your stay wisely.  


Day 2: Naintal to Kausani


Today is the day when you’ll be riding all across the hilly terrain. Be prepared to take the steep turns and sudden breaks. The road is well constructed and suitable for even beginner level riders. The distance between Nainital and Kausani is around 140km and it will take you around five hours to reach Kausani on the bike. 


It is one of the most interesting stretches of your bike trip to Uttarakhand. While on the way, you must visit the famous Kainichi Dham Temple. الرهان على سباق الخيل The temple is very famous amongst the locals is highly regarded. After Kainchi, you should take the route from Almora rather than taking the usual route from Ranikhet. 


While you reach Almora, you can explore the nearby Kasar Devi area. The five-kilometre stretch of Kasar Devi wins my heart every time. Do not forget to try the famous Baal-mithai at a noted shop in Almora. After this, you can head towards Kausani and will reach there in another 1.5 hours. 


Day 3: Kausani to Chopta


While you start your day, you can take a moment to explore Kausani. Unlike Nainital, Kausani is a small hill station with a magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges. You must leave your hotel by 8.00 AM to reach Chopta on time. 


The distance between Kausani and Chopta is around 190 Kms. It will take you around eight hours to reach Chopta from Kausani. Chopta is an emerging hill station located just below Tungnath-the world’s highest Shiva temple. It has become one of the famous destinations for bikers in the past few years, including foreign tourists. 


Interestingly, this is the stretch where you’ll leave the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and enter the Garhwal region. The route is full of views, pahadi food and a continuous view of the Himalayas. When you reach Chopta, you can go to the famous Omkareshwar temple in Ukhimath. You must note that only a few hotels in Chopta provide the facility of safe parking. You must confirm the availability from them in advance. 


Day 4: Chopta to Dehradun


Chopta to Dehradun is another eight-hour-long journey. The distance is around 250 km. The road passes through the famous hill stations like Srinagar Garhwal and Rishikesh. You can plan to stop at the Dhari Devi temple in Srinagar. Also, I suggest you to stop at Rishikesh for the evening Ganga aarti Darshans. 


This is the time when you’ve almost covered the famous places in Uttarakhand. Now when you are in the state capital, you can celebrate with your friends at some of the famous cafes and bakeries. Most of the cafes are located in the Rajpur area of Dehradun. However, you must always check the reviews of the cafes before you plan to visit! 


Day 5: Dehradun to Delhi


Dehradun to Delhi was a struggle back then in the year 2009. The roads were not very broad as they are today. The road witnessed lesser traffic than today and had fewer dhabas. Yet, for bikers, the route suited the best. Since then, it’s been more than ten times that I’ve done this route and, it indeed is one of the best parts of my bike trip to Uttarakhand. 


Dehradun to Delhi will take you around four hours on the bike today. The newly constructed Delhi-Meerut expressway saves your time dramatically. The entire road to Delhi is broad, full of life and even suited for night rides. I suggest you have a quick tour of Mussoorie before you leave. If you are the one who loves avoiding rush (like me), you can visit Bhadraj on the bike. The road to Bhadraj is very challenging yet enjoyable to the riders. 




Isn’t it interesting to realise that you did the entire circuit in just five days? At the same time, you covered most of the famous destinations in the state. What I suggest you that you can increase the number of days if possible. On the rest days, you can explore the areas nearby and explore the better part of Uttarakhand. I wish you all the best for your upcoming bike trip to Uttarakhand. 

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