The importance of role-playing for children

Your child who speaks alone and simulates spectacular accidents is discovering role-playing games. These games are important for its development, here’s why.

Reproduce everyday life

Children develop role-playing games between 3 and 6 years old. “Some younger children will start around 2 years old, but in general, role plays don’t start until 3 years old. By appealing to their imagination, children play mum, dad, cook, or mow the lawn and imitate their parents. Some children have a small kitchenette and use it for “cooking”, but they can make any dish, use whatever they find.

“When I worked in child care, I often told parents that we know almost everything about their life watching their child play. Indeed, children adopt the role of their choice and transform the course of things as they please, but retain a lot of what their parents are doing and the atmosphere at home. This is what inspires them and this inspiration allows them to understand the perception they have of their family.


There are no right or wrong roles and some kids prefer to play the villainous superheroes just because they are more powerful. “On the other hand, the characters that the children choose to play do reflect their personalities well. Little girls who have a lot of leadership may want to play teacher and be very strict. Still, they are very happy girls, but they want to be in control.

Calmer or shyer children will want to play the part of the baby instead, either to be more self-effacing or to gain more affection. It is, therefore, possible for parents to learn more about their children’s personalities by observing them and noticing the roles they prefer.

Boys and girls

There are inherent differences in the sex of the child. Once two parents wanting to avoid attributing male and female stereotypes to their boy and daughter gave their daughter three trucks and gave their son a Barbie. After a while, they realized that their daughter was lining up the cars so that they would become “car daddy, car mommy and baby car” and the boy had ripped a leg off his doll which immediately turned into a gun. “Girls and boys have strong interests.

The usefulness of role-playing games

Role-playing has several advantages. The children like to play role-playing games. It allows us to see the fields of interest of our child and to know what he retains from the family dynamic. It also allows you to develop your imagination and your ability to create. When they participate in several, around 3 or 4 years old, they learn to play together for the first time. Indeed, until then, children play side by side, but when they play mom and baby or teacher and student, for example, they learn to interact.

It’s also a great way to teach children to look after themselves and without the need for a particular toy. Indeed, when a sofa can become a castle and a branch easily turns into a sword, children have a better chance of never being bored, wherever they are.

Children also like to play the role of animals, like their habits. Affirmation Cards for kids are the best choice for the children to learn about animal good habits. On every card, there is a picture of an animal and a great sentence about that animal. Like:

I am playful like a dolphin.

I am self-reliant like the crocodile.

I am helpful like the horse.

And many more…..

What if he doesn’t?

If you find that your child never plays characters, never pretends to wash dishes, and never reproduces an accident by shouting “Boom” when playing with his cars, you may want to stimulate it further. Maybe he doesn’t because he doesn’t have enough opportunities to observe scenes from everyday life.

Involve your child in your activities and let them watch you cook, wash the dishes, mow the grass and have them help you set the table. He will notice the details of your gestures and maybe he will want to reproduce them in his own way.

Perhaps your child is also playing secretive roles because they are embarrassed in front of you. Some children do not like to put on a spectacle and it is quite normal for them to want to act alone in order to enter their world without being interrupted. Let it play, you’ll hear a few bits and pieces every now and then and they’ll probably make you smile.

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