The Fact About  That No One Is Suggesting

The Fact About  That No One Is Suggesting

Erectile dysfunction in men isthe term used to describethe inabilityof men to obtainormaintainan erection. Alsocalledimpotence,it createsthe most serious problem fora man and his partnerin relation to sexual functions.

The root of erectile dysfunctioncan be medical, physical or psychological in nature.Sexual prowess and libido inmales are influenced by a variety ofsystems of the body andthe mind.

The most frequentlyoccurringcauses are:

– Old age

Stress and anxiety

– Addiction to nicotine andalcohol

Abuse of Narcotics

-Physical injuries

– Nervous disorders

– Diabetes

-Obesity and high cholesterol

-Cardiac disease and heartcomplications

How doesAyurvedahelp withthisissue?

Treatment options forErectile dysfunction are basedon thespecific cause andnature of theissue. Ayurvedaprovides an effective remedyfor the problem ofimpotencethrough long-established healing methods. Erectile dysfunction ayurvedic treatment is based ontraditional herbal medicine that curesthecondition and keepsit from returning.

The practice ofAshtanga Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Sexologist in Nashik isaddressed with a medication comprisedof vajikaranaherb.’Vaji’meansthe Sanskrit wordmeaninghorse,anage-oldsymbol ofvirility andpotential.These herbs have been traditionallyemployed to treat ailmentsassociated with erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation, lack oftestosterone and male infertility.

Some of the herbs that areusedin vajikaranatreatment for treatingerectile dysfunction are as follows:

– Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)

The orchid ‘panchaule'(Dactylorhiza hatagirea)

-Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum)

– Kali Musli (Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.)

Scientific tests and studieshavedemonstrated thatayurvedic herbsare effectiveinproviding a remedy forthe issue of infertility inmen. Thistype of treatment takesan all-encompassing approach totreating and curing symptomsof erectiledysfunction through removingthe rootcauseof theissue.The most significant benefitof this treatment methodis thatit does not causeadverseeffects. Relapsesof the condition alsoare not a possibility.

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Male& Female Infertility -Does Panchakarma Therapy Help?

Infertilitycan affectmen and women due todiverse biological, physiologicaland psychologicalreasons. Itcan be a burden ontheperson’s physical health andon their mental health.Infertility can also endrelationships.But , thankfully, the majorityof infertilityare treatable.

We aren’ttalking about complex procedures likeIVForsurrogacy. Theseexpensive and complextechniques are among the lastresorts.We’re not talking abouthormonetherapiesneither. Theycan cause a variety of adverseresults. Themost secure solution isAyurveda.

premature ejaculation treatment is a detoxifying andrejuvenating therapy and it canhelp with infertility unless thecause of infertility lies inan underlying biological issue that can’tbecorrectedwithout surgery.

The causes of infertility

Male infertility canbe due to thesecauses:

  • Traumato the testicles as a result ofan injury or surgical mishapmight cause retrograde ejaculation orprevent the passage ofsperms completely.

  • In the case of obesity, it can lead totestosteronedeficiencies that can impactthe number of sperm cells.

  • Smoking.

  • Alcoholism.

  • Lack of a balanced diet.

  • Stress andothermental healthproblems can causeinfertilitydue to thehormones and sperms.

  • Health conditions like diabetes.

  • Exposure totoxic substances in the environment.

  • Geneticproblems.

  • STDs.

  • Side effects of some medication.

  • Erectile dysfunction.

  • Delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation.

Infertility in females is usuallycaused by:

  • Fallopian tubeinjuries.

  • Unbalance in hormones that is caused bymental or physical causes.

  • The cervical canalcan’tprovide a warm and comfortable environment tothe sperms.

  • Uterinefibroids or polyps.

  • PCOS.

  • Dryness of the vagina isdue to psychological or hormonalreasons.

  • Depression, stress, anxiety as well as other psychological issuescantrigger infertility withoutchanging anything aboutthephysiology.

  • UTIsorSTDs.

  • An opening in the cervical canal that is narrow, causingdifficulties in having anintercourse.

  • Smoking.

  • Alcoholism.

  • Obesity.

  • Health conditions like diabetes.

  • The side effects of medications.

Theresults of the majorityof thesefactors, exceptthose with genetic causes andthat result inpermanent nerve damage and permanent nerve damage, can be reversed throughAyurvedaand a healthylifestyle.

TheInfluence of Panchakarma

Panchakarma is acleansing routinethat removes all toxins fromthe body and relaxesthe mind.There are many ways thatthe Panchakarmaroutine helps withinfertility

  • Uttarbastiis thetherapy for thetreatment of infertility as well as manyurinary tract issues

  • Basti: Basti is an enemaof the herbal oils that are utilizedinayurveda. It isamongthe Pradhana Karmas of Panchakarma andis employedto treatvata and infertilityissues.

Ayurveda, in general,can aid in treating diabetesas well as other ailmentsthat obstructfertility.Drug-related side effectscan be reversed byAyurveda.Relaxation and hormone balanceare a cure for conditions likeED, PCOS, anddryness.

It’s also the most affordable option, as itis not at all expensive, and has zerosideconsequences.This means that it isnotonly a viable option but also the best choicetotest in the caseof infertilityamong menor women.

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