The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Rugs

Rugs are a great finishing touch to any room in your home, as well as a nice addition to any empty looking space outside. It may not be known to most people, but outdoor rugs can be used for interior spaces as well as exterior. The same can’t be said for indoor rugs though. We’re going to be going through the uses and differences between these types of rugs, so you can furnish your house appropriately.  PTFE Lined valves


Indoor or handmade rugs are made of a range of materials, these are usually ones that are prone to damage and wear easily when compared to outdoor rugs. Indoor rugs can be made from natural materials such as pure silk, pure New Zealand wool, jute, viscose etc. Some of the endurance of these materials if used in the wrong area (like a silk rug placed in a high foot traffic area) can decrease at a fast rate. 

Outdoor rugs on the other hand are made from heavy and hardy materials, so they can withstand weather conditions throughout the year without decreasing in wear significantly. Materials such as jute, cotton, hemp and sisal are most common for outdoor rugs. This is why an outdoor rug will thrive inside and should be considered if you want to get the absolute most out of your rug. PFA Pipe Fittings


It’s important to note the difference that the rug will create in feel and look. While you can use outdoor rugs inside it is important to keep in mind that the designs available across these rugs will vary significantly. If you have an area inside that has a lot of foot traffic or needs something with a harder and sharper material to create a nice contrast in the room, then you should definitely look at buying an outdoor rug. If you’re wanting a rug that is softer and can make a room more inviting or relaxing an outdoor rug isn’t going to work. 

A lot of the actual designs available for indoor rugs will be a lot more colourful and complex in design in comparison to outdoor ones. This is because they are stuck outside in the elements for a majority of their lifetime. Why make a colourful outdoor rug if it’ll just fade in a few months. So, this should be considered if you’re thinking about an outdoor rug. 

The sizes of these will also differ. As inside rugs are generally more popular and used in a larger variety of spaces it’s clear why there are so many more options. Indoor rugs have been designed for hallways, bathrooms, lounge rooms and a whole variety of odd and larger spaces. Whereas outdoor rugs are limited in their size due to the limited space types they’re used for. 

Durability and Cleaning

Because outdoor rugs have been made with hardy materials to last outside year-round, it comes as no surprise that the durability of these rugs are higher than ones suited for indoors. It means that these rugs would be perfect in a busy or frequently dirty area of your house, like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, so it’ll last a lot longer than any indoor specific rug. It is important to note that because these rugs are made from more durable materials, they are more prone to shed then indoor rugs made of soft textured materials.

Outdoor rugs get dirtier faster due to people stepping on them with dirty shoes and because of the increased exposure to dust blown around by the wind. This means that they must be cleaned on a more regular basis then indoor rugs to avoid staining and to increase their durability. Vacuuming regularly or dust beating your rug will make sure that it doesn’t end up with a build-up of dirt in its fibres. You should also regularly sweep beneath your outdoor rug to prevent the underneath from being damaged. 

Indoor rugs generally don’t require much cleaning because they’re kept in generally clean spaces, because most people don’t wear shoes (or dirty ones) inside around their house. So, it takes a long time for indoor rugs to become dirty and only need to be cleaned after a long duration of time. Apart from a spot clean every now and then because of spills and stains. Indoor rugs are generally easier to clean and take less time than outdoor rugs that usually have more stubborn dirt caked in. 

Indoor rugs are really going to be best suited inside your home, because these areas are generally cleaner than outside ones and can give a nice finishing touch to your home. 

Although outdoor rugs can still be used inside, they are generally better suited to add an extra element in an outdoor area and for covering up flaws in an outdoor setting space. Browse more online to decide which would best suit the area you’re wanting to fill. 

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