The Best Ways to Uncover Emerging Trends with NetBase Quid: Finding New Customers on the Net

NetBase Quid helps customers quickly enhance their social media programs by providing extensive analytics, research and insight tools. Customers of NetBase Quid can create custom reports using the QuidQL graphical user interface. The company’s unique social media content sharing and consumer insights provide a unique platform for big data collection in social media. NetBase Quid emerging trends provide premium customer support through toll-free phone, live chat, email, web and knowledge base options.

Social Analytics market is rapidly growing as more companies and enterprises are trying to exploit the huge potential of Social Media Analytics solutions. This is mainly because the proliferation of social media and social media marketing has helped companies generate customers more efficiently. The development of buzzword analytics is expected to bolster the growth of industry. Buzzword analytics refers to the segment of business analytics that evaluates word usage to discover word frequency and determine which words are most important. It analyzes all words used by customers to build and maintain brand trust.

Analytics Solutions

The advent of AI-based predictive analytics solutions will further accelerate the development of buzzword analytics, as it automates the process of recommending the most relevant words to a specific set of customers. The key industry players are implementing innovative solutions for managing the large volumes of unstructured data generated by companies. Social media are also and gaining gives brands is a vital to more insights insight into popular marketing forecast.

NetBase Quid emerging trends are continually investing in its technology to improve the software and tools available to clients. The platform provides the most complete solution in the market for delivering actionable insights into social media, allowing businesses to quickly identify trends and patterns and align campaigns with a more effective audience. NetBase Quid is a 24/7, secure and reliable company to work with for high level of service

Custom Solutions

NetBase Quid emerging trends offers custom solutions, a feature set that is competitively priced and sophisticated technology that can streamline processes and enable innovative business solutions. Its Natural Language Processing technology is specifically designed to understand complex and frequently used consumer and market related language. The platform provides accurate and authoritative results within seconds. NetBase Quid delivers social media insights, customer sentiment analysis and real-time user interactions, and can connect with company websites, CRM systems, and third party applications to provide data in an instant.

NetBase Quid emerging trends is social media solution that allows for quick data gathering making informed decisions within seconds, hence the name “Quid” – a pun on the common online currency bitcoin. The company’s platform analyzes tens of thousands of social media interactions per second, automatically cross referencing sentiment analysis. It was incepted in 2004 with headquartered in Newport Beach, California. It has a network of more than 2,000 marketing and research agencies and has 3M+ publishers and key industry analysts as its database. For more information about NetBase Quid, visit

Strategic Outcomes

NetBase Quid’s technology has already helped its clients gain a competitive advantage in customer retention and new product development. The company helps its clients achieve strategic outcomes faster by using Natural Language Processing technologies to deliver actionable insights to teams in real-time. “With the NetBase Quid social media intelligence platform, businesses can measure, manage, and track performance at scale, which increases ROI, improves customer retention, and drives sales,” said Komal Thakkar, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Channels at NetBase Inc.

NetBase Quid’s Analytics technology pulls up to 1.5 billion tweets a day from key markets. Their unique Natural Language Processing engine allows them to group Twitter data into complex topics that are relevant to the user, including brands, categories, topics, etc. This functionality helps them develop better profiles that are more accurate than any other solutions available. NetBase Quid has created over 150 industry-leading research studies in the last 12 months and has helped customers improve their bottom line by more than 35%. The company is a leading provider of natural language processing technology in the social media and social marketing space and is able to offer industry-leading accuracy with nearly 90% accurate measurement at just 3% accuracy overhead.


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