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Teeling Distillery – The Newest Irish Craft Distillery In Dublin

Dublin is coming into its own as a craft distillery city. The newest Irish craft distillery in Dublin is the only one in the city centre and has won praise for its award-winning small-batch whiskey.

Teeling Distillery

The Teeling Distillery is the newest Irish craft distillery in Dublin. It’s the only distillery in the city centre and was founded by Jack and Stephen Teeling, who are brothers from a family of whiskey makers. The distillery was founded in 2015 and its first product, Single Malt Irish Whiskey, was released just last year.

The original Teeling Whiskey Company was established by John Jameson in 1780 – so it’s fitting that Jack has taken over this spot for his own craft operation!

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

The Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey is the first of its kind in Dublin, and it’s a welcome addition to the city’s growing craft distillery scene. This whiskey is aged in American oak and Spanish sherry casks, which give it an interesting flavor profile that sets it apart from other whiskeys on the market. It’s made from a blend of malted and unmalted barley, allowing you to enjoy all parts of this spirit as it goes down your throat.

Teeling Vintage Reserve 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Teeling Vintage Reserve is a 21 year old single malt Irish whiskey. This beautiful spirit is made from malted barley, and pot still whiskey distilled in the Midleton Distillery in Cork. It’s then aged in ex-bourbon and refill American oak casks for 21 years before it’s bottled by Teeling Whiskey Company, which was founded by John Teeling in 2016.

Teeling Whiskey Company boasts an impressive selection of Irish whiskeys that are available for purchase online or at your local bottle shop (like Binny’s Beverage Depot). You can purchase Teeling Vintage Reserve 21 year old single malt Irish whiskey by the bottle or you can buy it in a gift box with two glasses to go along with it! The label on each bottle has unique artwork from Irish artists such as Conor Harrington who illustrated all four labels for their range of 21 Year Old Single Malts.

The newest Irish craft distillery in Dublin is the only one in the city centre.

  • The newest Irish craft distillery in Dublin is the only one in the city centre.
  • It’s located in Cooley, Co Louth, which is also home to Teeling Whiskey Distillery and Greenore Brewery.
  • John Teeling founded Teeling Distillery in 2015 with his son Jack after they revived their family brand of whiskey, which had been dormant since 2012 when they closed New Midleton Distillery (formerly owned by Pernod Ricard).
  • The facility includes a visitor centre, whiskey bar and cafe serving breakfast on weekdays as well as lunchtime food throughout the week.


The Teeling Distillery is a great addition to the Dublin craft beer scene, with their small batch whiskey and delicious range of beers on tap. They have a very friendly team who are happy to show you around their distillery and explain how they make their spirits. With a history dating back over 200 years, it seems fitting that this new Dublin business should be located in one of Ireland’s oldest buildings – Kilmainham Gaol!

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