Strategies To Boost Mobile App Downloads

You have built an app? Great! It’s beautiful, unique, competition-free and works flawlessly on every device? That’s awesome.

Have you published it on the app store as well? We are sure, by now, your joy must be knowing no bounds and you cannot wait to see the audience’s reaction to it.

But, even after months of blood, sweats and tears, no one is downloading your app.

If that’s the case, you’ve run into the most common problem the majority of app owners and developers encounter right after they publish their apps. Chances are you followed a weak mobile marketing strategy that put the app behind the curtain.

But don’t get disheartened. All it takes is a push into the right direction and know-how to divert the audience’s attention to your app.

This post walks you through the strategies to boost your mobile app installs. Be on the lookout.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO) is among the best ways to put your app in front of app users. The app stores, Google Play and Apple’s App have rolled out a number of factors (for Android app development and iOS app development respectively) that increases the visibility of your app such as app title, description, screenshots, tags, ratings, etc.

Begin by positioning and optimizing your keywords in the title and description; include backlinks to many relevant pages; integrate social media; track the number of downloads and app’s positive review and add the screenshots of the important parts in action.

Encourage Reviews & Testimonials

Another great way of boosting your app downloads is by taking in some glowing reviews. Reviews are among the huge aspects of app store optimisation (ASO) and a significant factor to convince people to download your app. The more positive reviews and user feedbacks (testimonials), the more it will improve the visibility of your app and its ranking. This will further tempt other users to download your app.

According to a survey by Nielsen’s Global Trust, ‘Consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations, like user reviews, over any other types of advertising.’ Encourage reviews via follow-up emails or in-app messages when users have achieved a particular task or made a purchase within your app.

Also, take care of your app rating. Nobody downloads an app that has less than 4 stars.

Launch A Website & Blog

Building a website is an effective mobile app marketing strategy. A word from the marketing expert Neil Patel states, ‘You can expand the reach of your app and better target your potential customers by linking it to a website and blog.

The web is the go-to place for people when they need to know about anything. So, if you don’t have visibility on search engines A.K.A a strong web presence, you’re definitely missing a large portion of your audience.

Build an SEO-optimized website that communicates and spreads the word about your app. You can include blogs on your website to talk about the different features and users of your app to grab the attention of the users looking out for topics related to your services. Take care of some critical elements including:

    • The name and logo of your app.
    • A brief explanation of the features of the app to make it compelling.
    • A call to action (CTA) button.
    • Positive reviews and feedback about the app.

Focus On The User

It’s not all about the number of downloads you get. It’s also important to know how, when, where, and by whom your app is used.

Keeping a track of the analytics is very crucial to determine what your users want the most and how you can deliver that to promote continuous downloads. Therefore, timely analyze your app’s performance to determine where it’s lagging behind. Some of the best app analytics tools are Google’s Universal Analytics, Kumulos, Trafficguard, Apptica and Appsee.

Practice Email Marketing

Though quite old school, Email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways of driving traffic, converting leads into users and building a sense of trust.

Once you’ve built a website and blog dedicated to your app, start building your email address database via sign-up forms. You can then share the relevant information, hype your users with offers or something they get excited about.

When you follow email marketing strategically, you can be sure of a promising conversion rate.

P.S: Keep your subject line unique and catchy. Also, make sure that all of your emails are mobile optimized and customized according to the operating systems (Android or iOS or Windows) and handheld devices.

Take Advantage Of The Sites Like Reddit & Quora

Matching the social media level, websites like Reddit, Medium and Quora are used heavily for marketing and advertising. This can be very powerful when done well.

People look up to these websites as their daily source of information and content. Moreover, the platform observes regular conversation about issues your app can solve, it’s best you make the most use of them.

If you’ve created something you’re sure your audience will love, spread out the word about it on these websites. Guide everyone about how the app can be useful in particular to them. This will grow the number of backlinks, mentions and referral install of your app organically.

But make sure you educate, help and add value, not promote or brag.

It’s Time To Hit The Road

The mobile app industry is thriving every minute and the competition is fierce than ever. There are plenty of apps that serve the same purpose as yours. It becomes vital to ensure your app is the one the user turns to.

To make that happen, leverage creative, out-of-the-box marketing techniques like aforementioned to put your app at the front.

If you have any questions or need help with your mobile app marketing, feel free to get in touch with a mobile app development company like Appventurez.

Such companies have hundreds of tips to retain customers up to their sleeves. Get in touch!

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