Staying Youthful Isn’t a Myth Now

None of us want to get old, but time inevitably does its job, and no matter how much we like, sooner or later we get older.

And what can we do about it? How to prolong youth, how to stay energetic even after 60-70 years?

In principle, old age seems inevitable to us, but looking at different people in old age, one sometimes wonders how different old people can be.

Two examples:

1. My grandmother, the kingdom of heaven to her, in the last years of her life was constantly sick, took pills and medicines in the mountains. And she moved very little, constantly worried and thought about her last day. She died when she was not even 80 years old.

2. I know one grandfather who, in his 85s, participates in a marathon race for veterans, gets up every morning, and runs about 10-15 kilometers, he also goes to competitions around the world. And this is in his 85 years!

What is the difference – I don’t know. This is probably individual for each person. But I can say one thing, that adhering to a certain lifestyle, you can at least slightly push off the onset of old age and prolong your youth.

5 Rules For Prolonging Youth


One of the main enemies of our body is smoking. There are beliefs that kush marijuana is not as harmful to the lungs. But experts believe that it leads to lung cancer and in old age smokers have huge breathing problems. Those people who smoke a lot are very hard in their old age. Give up cigarettes completely and health will be much better. Although this is banal advice, it is effective

Healthy lifestyle

People who adhere to a healthy lifestyle are much less ill, are more active than their peers leading a sedentary lifestyle. The consequence of this is a better state of the body. Therefore, watch your health. And if you are not able to do it, take professional help from health centers like Premier health center to get on board with a healthy lifestyle.

Proper nutrition

Try to eat fewer foods that have undergone additional processing (convenience foods), and eat more natural, vitamin-containing foods.

Also, try to buy food less often at the supermarket. Better get products on the market.


Everyone knows about the dangers of alcohol, but few follow certain rules, they know the measure in taking alcohol. Do not abuse them, but the best thing is to remove them from your life.


Nerve cells are not restored, so you need to take care of your nerves, stop worrying over nothing. Long-term experience can develop into depression, and getting rid of it in old age is very difficult.

Let dear friends live in our old age and enjoy our life. We will be cheerful and active, we will stop discouraging and complaining. Love life and good luck to you in everything.

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