Statistics reveal some of the best goals scored in other European leagues in 2014

Orlando City’s new striker should also find plenty of time to show off his prowess from outside the box as he swaps his starting position at Hamburg for Orlando in the MLS. It should also come as a surprise to no one that Aguilar potted the best goalscorer award in Spain’s top flight, Spanish football’s very own Champions League.

There was also plenty of sports entertainment to be found. These figures were only made possible thanks to the media organisation La Liga which runs the league for the Spanish government. has made the statistics available online, but you’ll need to be a subscriber to access. Here’s a taste of some of the crazier stat highlights. While Jose Mourinho used his entire squad, only 29.3% of the entire La Liga played in all 60 league games last year.

The lion’s share of the minutes played by any single player in the entire 2014 La Liga came from three Chelsea players: Pedro, David Luiz and Eden Hazard. Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United registered the worst defensive record in Premier League history in 2014. Jose Mourinho’s title winning Chelsea took 34.5 shots per game, second to Swansea City who took a staggering 43.8 shots per game. Manchester United was the Premier League team that allowed the fewest goals last year (42), followed by Arsenal (45) and Manchester City (44).

Swansea City allowed the fewest goals in all of England (36), followed by Hull City (40) and Burnley (40).

Malmo’s Andreas Isaksson was the most fouled player in Sweden’s top flight in 2014, racking up 157 fouls in 30 games. He also led the league in fouls drawn with a whopping 22.7% of all available yellow cards and there’s no question that more than some of those might have been the result of that extra tackle he made.

Rodrigo Bentancur was one of the worst scoring players in Serie A in 2014, finishing his first season in Italy with just 1 goal. Gennaro Gattuso was one of the most fouled players in Italy in 2014. It seems safe to say that many of the stats we’re seeing here are rather old, but some of the ones we’re seeing aren’t too much different from a few years ago. Does it seem like La Liga fans have more reason than most to be frustrated at times? Check out our view on things in Spain here. Which of the stats were the craziest to you? Have you taken any others to heart in particular? Let us know in the comments below.



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