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Stages of Breast Cancer and Treatment Options

Breast cancer is recognized as a disease where breasts’ cells grow uncontrollably. It can start in various portions of the breast and a breast has chiefly three parts, ducts, lobules, and connective tissue. The job of the ducts is carrying milk to the nipple and the lobules are considered glands that produce milk. The connective tissue surrounds and holds all the things together. The majority of breast cancers start either in the lobules or in the ducts.

The Stages

The stages of breast cancer begin from number 0 besides the Roman numerals, like I, II, III, and IV. Commonly, when the number is higher, then the cancer is more advanced too. However, there is always more to it.

Stage 0 – This stage indicates that cancer has got diagnosed early and it began in the milk glands or breast ducts to stay there.

Stage I – From this level, the disease becomes invasive, which means it has managed to break free for attacking healthy tissue.

  • Stage IA – In this stage, cancer has gotten into your fatty breast tissue. There might not be any tumor or the size might resemble a shelled peanut.
  • Stage IB – It means a few cancer cells have been discovered in some lymph nodes.

Stage II – In this stage, cancer has spread or grown. Sometimes, both happen.

  • Stage IIA – In Stage IIA, the breast tumor continues to remain small.
  • Stage IIB – In this stage, the breast tumor becomes a little bigger, like the size of a lime or a walnut. It might possess or not possess any lymph nodes.

Stage III – In stage III, cancer hasn’t spread to organs or bones though it is still viewed as advanced. Here, it becomes harder to fight this disease.

  • Stage IIIA – In this stage, the disease spreads to or becomes highly enlarged.
  • Stage IIIB – The tumor grows into the skin surrounding your breast or into your chest wall.
  • Stage IIIC – In the stage IIIC, cancer is discovered in 10 or more than 10 lymph nodes.

Stage IV – In the final stage, the cells of breast cancer get spread away from the lymph nodes and breast and the highly common sites are considered lungs, bones, brain, and liver.

Treatment Process

The doctor determines the breast cancer treatment options grounded on the patient’s kind of breast cancer, its size, its grade and stage, and whether or not the cancer cells happen to be sensitive to hormones. Again, the doctor also considers the patient’s overall health too. The majority of the women are suggested surgery for this disease and sometimes, they also get extra breast cancer treatment after surgery, like hormone therapy, radiation, or chemotherapy. However, there are present other options too for treating breast cancer and people might feel overwhelmed when they make complicated decisions regarding their treatment. The best thing is to seek a second opinion and you can consult other women too who have confronted this kind of condition.


Recently, people notice many breast cancer treatment advances that bring new excitement and hope. In place of one or a couple of options, there are present many treatment choices that combat the complicated mixture of cells in every individual cancer.

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