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Solutions to Professionally Present 360 Videos

360 videos have now also arrived in everyday life. You can tell by the fact that these appear more and more frequently in your own Facebook timeline and have already found widespread use on YouTube. Understandable, because the new and still relatively unknown video format arouses great enthusiasm among most viewers. And what inspires people is gladly shared. The opportunity to generate enthusiasm for their own products with 360 videos is now being used by many companies from a wide variety of industries. But how and where do companies present their own 360  videos most professionally? In this article, we compare seven solutions to professionally present 360 videos in the B2B area.

Whether the automotive industry, construction industry, city marketing, tourism or medical practice: 360 videos can be used for marketing in many industries. 360 videos on VR glasses (VR = Virtual Reality) are particularly inspiring. Those who already practice this should ask themselves how the videos can be presented to the target group in the most professional way. There are enough opportunities for this.

But which option is the best?

  1. By simply on YouTube Post?
  2. Install certain web players for the browser as extensions?
  3. Has your own app been programmed for it?
  4. Use software from VR glasses manufacturers?
  5. Use existing apps?
  6. Big brands (software, hardware)
  7. Professional all-in-one white label solution use?

Post 360 videos on social media

Large social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook already have a large number of users. By being able to record the interests of the users, it is possible to direct contributions to the desired target group. This also applies to 360 videos that can be played directly on Facebook or YouTube. But are social networks also suitable as an ideal presentation platform? Let’s assume you want to present your booth in the form of a 360 ° video and put it on YouTube. YouTube users who search for “IAA 360 Videos”, for example, will not only see your video in the result list, but also the videos of your competitors. YouTube & Co. should therefore be viewed as a tool for distributing and promoting your videos

 play via web player in the browser

In order not to display your videos alongside those of the competition, you may decide to embed your videos on your own website. Okay, this is definitely just going to showcase your videos. But the special 360-degree experience on the PC or laptop simply cannot be compared to the view with VR glasses. In addition, an internet connection is always essential for viewing in the browser. Especially in connection with smartphones and their limited data volume, this is still associated with high costs. Browser solutions often do not offer reliable quality and, depending on the version, sometimes run poorly or not at all.

Professional white label solution

For us at cinema8, none of the options listed represent a satisfactory solution for the professional presentation of 360 videos in the B2B area. That is why we thought about which criteria would be important for us to make this possible. The following result came about:

  • Function with all common devices (laptop, smartphone, browser, VR glasse• Ability to play in offline mode to avoid distractions)
  • Achieving a high reach by providing it as an app in the stores
  • Possibility to create individual scenes and menus
  • Easily add new 360 videos and content
  • Adaptation to any design (white label solution)
  • Affordable through relatively low costs

By specializing in 360 videos as well as virtual reality apps and the acquisition of extensive industry know-how, we were able to develop the professional all-in-one solution “cinema8”.

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