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Skin Moles, What Are They and Dermal Fillers as an option for treatments.

Skin moles are normally oval or round colored patches on the skin. They can be various different colors like black, red, brown and pink. Skin moles can be raised above the skin or they can be flat. They can appear anywhere on the body, but usually they are found on the trunk of the body and the face and arms. They can be found in groups or just as individuals and occur in several layers of the skin and medically they are known as nevi. The right Dermal fillers can help with treatment.

A skin mole is when a collection of tissue forms a growth or lesion that is pigmented or dark in appearance. This mole if round or oval and flat most often appears in childhood or in our early teenage years. It is not uncommon to have as many as 100 moles by the age of 20.

By the age of 30 many of these growths and lesions will change color and go through different stages.  While some change in color, like getting lighter or darker, others can be quite pronounced. Fortunately for those that have them, and should they develop, there is nothing to fear because they are virtually harmless.

Even after the age of 40 most moles will not become cancerous, but there are some before any signs of cancer can be seen. If you just have a few spots that you would like to see less dark and look better, or if you want to rid yourself of a few imperfections take the time to talk to your doctor.

Healing a Mole

When it comes to skin moles there are some truths that need to be revealed. Moles are not to be trusted and any that are concerns should be looks at the advice of a competent medical professional. This is true no matter what your age or how old your mole is. What medical professional should you consult?

The quickest way to remove a mole is by self mole removal. If you are capable of removing a mole on your own then you can do it yourself without professional help. However, it is not a good idea for new people to try their own self removing remedies for fear of causing infections, or making the lesions permanent.

The next best alternative to remove a mole by yourself is to call into your local doctor and have them remove the mole as a majority of the moles are not benign.

The cosmetic medical procedure you have available to you, the laser, can also be expensive and can cause scarring, which would make the mole permanently visible on the affected area, making it hard to see.

In the event that you decide to go with your self mole removal technique there are a few things you should do. First, since you’re a responsible person you should make sure the area affected with the mole is in the best condition. If the mole is not scabbed then in turn it is dead. The self mole removal takes a while, usually a few weeks to a month, and you’ll want to make sure that the area is protected, as much as possible.

In addition, removal often leads to an itch, or a healed area that sometimes leaves a scar, and if the mole in question is deep then this may not be good for you, as you may not want a scar in such a prominent spot.

Other opposed treatments include the natural remedies, homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies. Natural remedies have gaining a lot of popularity recently, and a lot of home remedy books are being published to help you get rid of your moles in a natural and safe manner. A person wanting to get rid of an inlier mole can also get the skin at large mole removed by applying a simple mixture of baking soda and castor oil, this can be applied and left on overnight, and is the most common mole removal method.

Sometimes when an individual’s other moles get too ugly or draw a third party into their lives, they can decide to remove these other moles from their face or anywhere on their body, this is often due to cosmetic reasons, or is just a way for them to improve themselves by having a better outlook on their own selves.

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