Seven Factors That Affect Carrara Marble Worktop Longevity


The finesse that Carrara marble provides to a kitchen or bathroom space is unmatchable. This type of marble stone carries an authentic shine and incredible beauty, due to which many homeowners and business owners make it a dream to install Carrara marble countertops to enhance the value to their home or commercial facility.

On the other hand, Carrara marble is porous and comparatively more vulnerable to damage under harsh usage conditions. If you are one such owner that is feared of the longevity of their Carrara marble worktop yet wanting not to settle for anything less, then you do not need to worry anymore. Below are some factors for you to consider and then remain stress-free about the durability of your marble surfaces.

  1. Sealing: Carrara marble is a metamorphic rock. The name relates to the Carrara region of Tuscany, from where it comes. As this stone is naturally luminous yet porous, it needs protection from spillages and stains to maintain its shine and to last for a longer time. Sealing frequently, such as once a year at the least, is an excellent way to do it. Sealing also helps in keeping the marble away from moisture.

  2. Maintenance: As they say that prevention is better than cure, it also applies to handle delicate things like Carrara marble surfaces. If maintained rightly, their life can increase beyond your expectation. Thus, it would help if you stayed cautious while putting heavy loads on your Carrara marble countertops. It is also helpful to handle the liquids like red wine and acidic products like lemon carefully and not let the marble come in contact with them.

  3. Cleaning: To prolong the life of Carrara marble surfaces, one must see that they are not treated with harsh chemicals, soaps, and cleaners. However, it is also needed to clean them immediately in case of spills. While it would be sufficient to clean these surfaces by wiping using a soft and dry cloth or by wiping with water, the bleach/ammonia and water combination can also be applied to get rid of inkblots, food stains, and mould and mildew.

  4. Crack treatment: It is always advisable to consult a professional if you notice any cracks or etching on these types of countertops. A professional can quickly fix it in time through sealing or polishing. It can prevent further damage to your Carrara marble worktop. However, ignoring the cracks may rapidly reduce the lifetime of a slab and demand complete replacement at a time when you may not be ready to spend on it.

  5. Polishing: Once the shine of Carrara marble surfaces is lost due to their extreme or rough usage, people tend to discard them. However, their longevity can be ensured if the surfaces are polished when they get rough. The granite or quartz polish can create a coat on the surface that resists water, as well as removes roughness. It offers additional protection against further etching, stains, and spills.

  6. Quality choice: Carrara marble is available in several grades that may differ in terms of durability and quality. As a homeowner or builder, you may not want to go for lower grades that display dry veins and original flaws. Even though marble is a tough material to be used for worktops and countertops in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, one has to be careful if the slab displays fissures. It is better to contact a reputed manufacturer and installer that can help you choose the best-quality Carrara marble.

  7. Thickness: Usually, the manufacturers offer Carrara marble slabs in varied thicknesses. It is up to you to choose the right width for your specific project. A thinner slab or thicker slab can fulfil not every surface requirement. If you select a delicate surface for a place where you perform high-pressure work, then you should not expect your marble surface to endure for long. Thus, make the right choice for its longevity.

High-quality Carrara marble makes for a magnetic surface. However, to maintain it for a long time, the worktop must receive proper cleaning and timely fixing of any issues with the surface.

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