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SEO Company FAQ

  • Category Optimization: Sorting your pages into categories prevents individual pages from competing with each other. Category tags are like breadcrumbs that help users and search engines determine if there is only one page on your site. You don’t  know how to optimize categories for clean navigation you can hire us the best seo company in coimbatore

  • Keyword Research: Thorough keyword research can help you find the right keywords when optimizing pages on your site. Keyword research is a simple way to determine how often people look for your business and use the terms that rank well. It also helps you determine which keywords you should optimize for current and future pages on the site.

  • Technical SEO Analyzing: Analyzing your site for technical SEO will help you understand how your content and keywords are searched, indexed, and researched by search engines. Once you have analyzed the current state of your content, you can begin to optimize and research keywords to make your content better. Learn how to use Keyword Research Tools at the bottom of this page.

What is the Purpose of SEO

Without going too deep, the purpose of website optimization is to make it so search engines will put your site at the top of the search results for your target keywords. The tricky thing about search engines like Google is that they have their criteria for determining how websites should be classified and that they reveal very little detail.


Search engine optimization (SEO for short) is the practice to rank websites higher in search engines. SEO experts analyze the behavior of search engines, understand their criteria, and apply them to web design and digital marketing campaigns to help websites find and evaluate potential customers. If you want to increase the number of people who find your website in a search engine, start with SEO.


Using strong SEO can help your business get consistent organic traffic to your website. Search engines are used all over the world, which means that you can reach a larger audience if your websites and content are highly valued. An SEO strategy can bring more traffic to your website when you search near you and can also help more people to your physical location.


Lets us know for Professional Help – Aegiiz

If this blog post did not help you solve a problem, please let us know and we will help you. We provide SEO service in Coimbatore to customers and are active on our own and on behalf of websites of several other in-house websites, enabling us to stay up to date with best practices in SEO techniques and methods. And of course, if you need assistance with your SEO, you can visit our SEO Services page to learn how we can increase your website traffic.


SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization which means improving your website and online profile to improve how your site ranks in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by nominating clusters of keywords and phrases. As Google explains on its website, the decision to hire SEO is a great decision to improve your site and save time.

SEO is the Process of Optimizing Sites


To keep things simple, SEO is the process of optimizing a site so that search engines categorize and evaluate your site to place it higher in the rankings. When people Google a question, generally most people choose one of the top listings they want to go with, but the second goal of SEO is to help rank your site in Google with keywords and key phrases so that customers can find your site faster than your competitors. This is in the context of SEO because we try to make your website as perfect and functional as possible.


If you’re doing SEO for the first time, you could be ranked 15th or 8th on Google. After doing SEO for a while, you will see your site ascend to page 1 for a series of keywords.


Reverse SEO lowers the ranking of websites that compete with your site by associating your site with something like a rip-off report or bad press. By establishing a search engine partner with the competitor, a press release they distribute, a blog or forum they write, a dummy site they create, and a process to optimize new content added to the rip-off report page, it does little to lift the page in the rankings by competing with the amount of additional content they produce. This process is 100% ethical, and search engine partners and webmasters have had guidelines since 2001 on what they should do to lower rankings and suppress the negative press.


A broad web presence that does not depend on the ranking of a specific keyword on search engine results pages reduces a company’s dependence on a single source of web traffic. When search engines change the way they rate websites, websites, content, links, and results, the rank of a particular page for a particular keyword may fall, rise or change for a website owner. These changes can be troubling for website owners and businesses if taken out of context.

Why Search Engine is Great


Every day, search engines discover new page and website content and jump to the existing page rankings. Old pages or websites are updated to improve SEO and make their content more attractive to visitors and search engines. They may be removed or removed from the Web to reduce their relevance, or content may remain unchanged after a prolonged visit.


In addition to the changes we have seen at SEO, we have also seen additional changes in SEO planning such as clogging links schemes, introducing relevant organic content, and many changes to SERPs, Google’s algorithms, keyword searches, and focusing on placement density.

You must track these changes not only with Google’s algorithms but also when new factors like page speed, mobile responsiveness, indexing, and more come into play. You can track yourself or you can hire an professional SEO company in coimbatore

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