Schools Reopening In The UK And How Are People Reacting Towards It

The pandemic spread is getting half a year older now with the starting of June 2020. Several countries have started reacting in a different manner on the Coronavirus spread now. Similarly, schools are reopening in the United Kingdom.

As per The Sun, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, announced on 28th May 2020 about the reopening primary schools and nurseries. According to the news report, primary schools were about to open on 01st June, 202 whereas, secondary schools will commence from 15th June 2020.

Several precautions are being held about the reopening process of schools. While the public is scared of the virus spread, individuals are reacting differently on the announcement. For now, more than two thousand schools denied the plan.

Is It Safe To Reopen The Schools?

Undoubtedly, many people think that June is very soon and it is dangerous for the children. Nonetheless, the government believes that schools are the safest places for small kids annoyed in their houses.

As per the data records of today, around one million people were kept home by parents. A series of new rules have been applied to schools while taking the decision of schools reopening.

The government, on one end, believes that social distancing may not be entirely possible in schools yet, safety precautions are being taken. All of the class sizes have been shortened, and children will be kept separate from each other. Also, there will be staggered lunch breaks along with pickups and drop-offs timing rescheduling.

A significant focus is being put on the increased cleaning in every area of the schools. All medical facilities are being implemented within the education centres. Moreover, institutions are trying to remove all the soft toys from classrooms that cause difficulty while cleaning.

A study from the National Foundation for Educational Researchers on BBC News estimates the number of students going back. As per the report,

  • 46% of parents will keep their kids at home
  • 50% of parents with schools in disadvantaged areas keep their kids at home
  • 25% of the teaching staff will stay home due to the risk of getting their families infected

In this situation, a lot of retailers are providing online discount codes for medical supplies to help schools and students.

What More Is Happening In The UK?

In addition to the schools reopening in the United Kingdom, some are news highlights are also discussed forward. One must be aware of everything happening in the world regarding COVID-19.

England is allowing more socialising from now one. It is said that a group of around six people is allowed to meet outdoors by maintaining a distance of two meters from each other. Also, individuals are being permitted to leave their houses without an emergency excuse.

Moreover, vulnerable residents who have been isolating since the start of quarantine can also leave their comfort zones by following special precautions.

On the other hand, car showrooms and outdoor markets are now being resumed in England, keeping the COVID-19 measures in concern. Nonetheless, unnecessary shops will remain closed for more days. Marketers have to wait for another announcement from the government regarding this matter.

Also, national sports are most likely resuming back to a game behind closed doors, for example, snooker and horse racing. According to a report by BBC News, Football Championship will restart from 20th June 2020.

Last, But Not the Least

In this dreadful and emergency situation of the Coronavirus outbreak, it is mandatory that you stay tuned to the latest news. Be aware of all that is happening around you and make sure not to miss an important notification.

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