7 Tips to Save Money Shopping Online

One of the reasons that leads many buyers to online stores is the possibility to buy the same item cheaper. With the wide range of products and stores, it is not difficult to find a product that is more affordable than when it is cupom de desconto americanas purchased offline.

Even though they are already advantageous in most cases, online shopping can help you save even more. After putting some recommendations into practice, it will be much easier to take advantage of great offers and save even more!

Want to know how? So here are 7 tips to start using now:

1. Use price comparators

Falling into the urge to make impulse purchases on the internet is the right formula to spend more than you should. Instead of buying from the first store where you find the product you want, use the internet to your advantage – and price comparators can be of great help.

When comparing prices you will find in which store the product is cheaper, so that you can save good money. In addition, you can see how the price has evolved in recent weeks.

If the analysis shows that the product is more expensive than normal, it is worth waiting a few days to make the purchase cheaper.

2. Keep an eye on promotions

To attract new and old customers, most online stores carry out promotions. Some have a specific purpose, but many are performed lightly, so you have to keep an eye out.

In periods like the time after Christmas, on holidays or during Black Friday, for example, prices drop a lot and offers become almost irresistible. It is more worth saving your money to spend in those moments, when discounts are attractive.

Outside of these dates, it is more difficult to predict when promotions will occur, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your favorite sites. Some price comparators send alerts when the desired item reaches a lower value and this can help you get offers.

Another possibility includes leaving to shop in less busy periods, such as in the middle of the month or on weekends. As many promotions are made at these times, you can guarantee discounts.

3. Pay attention to freight

It is important to think that the cost of an online purchase is not limited to the price of the piece itself. In this situation, freight also plays an important role in its economy.

Before finalizing the purchase, make freight simulations. A product that costs $ 15 in one store, but charges $ 20 in shipping is certainly not advantageous as one that costs $ 20 in another store, but with free shipping.

Don’t be fooled: calculate the entire price of your purchase, and only then decide where you will be able to get more advantages. Thus, you avoid surprises when paying and prevent the feeling of having done a bad deal.

4. Take advantage of discount coupons

Discount coupons are increasingly common when shopping online. There are discounts on selected products, shipping reductions, special conditions on the first purchase and so on.

These coupons must be used at the time you complete your purchase and there are many sites that collect all the codes of the main sites. They have a validity and are also available in limited quantities, so you have to run to take advantage of the offers.

Depending on the case, using coupons can ensure that you make a much more affordable purchase!

5. Use cashback to your advantage

Imagine using a discount coupon or taking advantage of a promotion and, of course, getting part of the money back, in your bank account and without red tape.

This is entirely possible if you register on a website that offers cashback. Registration is free and all you have to do is buy at one of the partner stores. With your order confirmation, you will get back a percentage of the amount spent.

A purchase of $ 1,000.00, for example, can return up to $ 50 for you, without you having to do anything beyond registration.

6. Get the payment method right

Depending on the payment method you choose you can also save. Want a little more discount? So paying in cash, via boleto, is usually more advantageous. Most stores offer 5 or 10% when payment is made this way.

On the other hand, if you are part of your card loyalty program it may be more worthwhile to make the purchase in installments.

Many sites offer installments up to 12 interest-free installments. Depending on the purchase price, it can be more advantageous – and economical – to split the order and take advantage of the points on the card.

7. Increase the relationship with the store

Having more relationships with your favorite stores is usually a good choice. If you subscribe to your favorite retailer’s newsletter, for example, you’re more likely to receive offers and promotions first hand.

Having contact, companies tend to offer

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