Role of Artificial Intelligence in Upgradation of Smartphones and Laptops

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword in most electronic devices, especially smartphones with almost 80% of devices to be shipped in 2020 to be AI-equipped. You can look forward to newer intelligent gadgets be it a 6GB RAM mobile or a 5G phone which can decide on its own by deciphering the surroundings. This next-generation technology is also being used by laptop companies such as Intel which commenced work on ‘Project Athena’ last year to manufacture 5G compliant AI laptops.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to a discipline in the field of computer science that enables machines to develop the capability to perform tasks that require the intelligence that humans possess. This includes facial and speech recognition, the ability to make decisions and translate seamlessly between different languages among other actions. There are two sides to AI as mentioned below:

Machine learning: It allows a device to use data to learn and improve its performance without being instructed to do so.

Deep learning: This mimics the working of a human brain, however, it is more advanced and technological. Just like the neural networks in our brains, it utilizes a complex network to learn and decide the right parameters.

AI in smartphones

Apps such as Gmail, Maps, and even Google search provide suggestions by remembering your previous searches for a location, subjects, and trends. Google photos and iOS photos also help you to find photos of your friends, family, etc. from the stockpile of pictures using AI. Both of these are examples of machine learning. The bokeh mode on Pixel 2, the pop up camera phone from Google recognizes your face using software algorithms and also selects what to focus upon and the background. Similar technology is used by Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo with an AI-powered front camera.

On-device artificial intelligence such as the neural processing unit on Huawei’s latest chipset allows for local computations instead of over the cloud. Similarly, the A11 Bionic chip powered iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X phones from Apple are geared for face identification providing more privacy and data protection as compared to a cloud-based solution in a 6GB RAM mobile. The 3D map of your face is stored safely on the neural chip. Not only this, but faster processing speeds as compared to GPU and CPU also consume less energy while completing more tasks thus increasing the operational efficiency of the smartphone.

AI in laptops

While AI processing helps in scene detection in a pop-up camera phone, in laptops it is expected to manage memory, authenticate biometrics and boost overall performance. AERO- the first automatic AI-powered laptop in the world, the result of a partnership between Gigabyte and Microsoft, adjusts its power settings by itself without any human intervention. So whether you are just browsing the net or gaming for long hours, your laptop will configure itself to the most optimal settings once you switch it on.

Dell has also launched a 5G ready laptop with AI which remembers user preferences to quickly launch most used applications and switch between them with ease. Project Precog by Asus promises a seamless user experience with AI technology that will adjust keyboard locations depending on where you touch the screen. It also has a dual-screen set up with virtual assistants such as Microsoft Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa processing other tasks in one screen as you work in another.

Artificial intelligence is the next frontier to soon be accessible on your 6GB RAM mobile or gaming laptop. It promises to open up a whole new world of possibilities you have only dreamt of till now and create a paradigm shift in the way you access technology be it on your laptop or smartphone.

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