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Roar and Tonic Announces the Launch of a Brand New Healthy Yoghurt in Australia

Roar and Tonic announced that it has officially launched its innovative new brand of yoghurt in Australia. The company’s Kombucha yoghurt provides a tasty, healthy, anytime-snack that also contributes to maintaining a health immune system.

The new Roar and Tonic is available in four flavors – Ginger Lemon, Mango Hibiscus, Original Jasmine, and Raspberry Lime, all of which incorporates kombucha tea. The yoghurt is gluten-free, contains no gelatin or GMOs, and is manufactured at the company’s Perth dairy.

Roar and Tonic is different from traditional yoghurt in several ways. The company extends the fermentation process, incorporates 15 strains of live probiotic cultures and BB-12®, and adds jasmine extract. The process enables the live cultures to continue to ferment for yoghurt that can appear almost fizzy and will “tingle the tongue.”

The Roar and Tonic Kombucha Yoghurt is unique in that it utilizes kombucha, traditionally enjoyed as a fermented tea, that’s rich in antioxidants and probiotics. Kombucha has been utilized for centuries. It’s only during modern times that the health benefits of kombucha have been extensively studied and is backed by evidence-based science.

Australians are consuming more yoghurt as a breakfast food and as a snack. Delicate, flirty, and subtly fragrant, Roar and Tonic yoghurt provides a refreshing and healthy snack for work whether it’s in the office or a construction site. Rich and creamy, the flavor combinations are appealing and provide protein for athletes to perform their best.

Perhaps one of the most desirable attributes of Roar and Tonic Kombucha yoghurt is its gut health benefits, particularly in an era of COVID-19. The body’s immune response relies on the health of the gastrointestinal system. Roar and Tonic yoghurt fuels the body with the beneficial probiotic bacteria the gut needs to marshal its resources to fight illness.

The debut of Roar and Tonic Kombucha Yoghurt in Australia provides consumers with a new option for healthy yoghurt consumption. The wellness brand of yoghurt combines natural ingredients and the live probiotic cultures available in kombucha tea that can aid in maintaining gut health for the immune system.

About Roar and Tonic
Roar and Tonic products were created by a few passionate foodies who love living life to the full, staying healthy, and pushing the envelope. The many hats we wear each day are what drives us and we wanted a tonic to fuel the roaring adventure we call life. Our flavours are refreshing and punchy – just a little tonic can make the body roar. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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