Reasons Why Tea Tree Oil Is Good For Your Hair

Tea tree oil is a popular pick of ingredients while choosing skin-care as well as hair-care products, and why shouldn’t it be? This multipurpose liquid has the power to fix multiple problems from the roots of the hair, literally. This natural ingredient is used as a substitute for harmful chemicals that damage our hair in the long run. What does it do so well? Here are four reasons why tea tree oil is highly beneficial for your hair. 

Antifungal and antibacterial properties

In the list of tea tree oil benefits for hair, this inherent property of tea tree oil has to be highlighted first. The antifungal properties of tea tree oil keep hair problems like itchy scalps and fungal infections at bay. There are chances of bacterial accumulation in the scalp throughout the day due to sweat, dust, and pollution. The antibacterial properties of this oil do not allow bacterial growth on the scalp or hair. 

Promotes hair growth

The reason why hair appears limp with the lack of volume is that hair does not grow at an average rate. This is caused by clogged roots of the hair and pores on the scalp. It does not allow the nutritious oils to be absorbed by the scalp, which hampers hair growth. Tea tree oil unclogs the hair follicles so that the standard rate of hair growth can be restored.

Treats dandruff

Dandruff is the flaky white part of the dead skin cells of your scalp that occurs due to the presence of microbes. They not only cause itchiness but also lead to hair loss. The oleic acid formed by these microbes settle on top of the scalp and cause flaky skin. The antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil are one of the best tea tree oil benefits for hair. It treats the inflamed scalp and removes the microbes on the hair, whether it is used with carrier oils or in other hair care products.

Improves the condition of the scalp

Even if there are no specific problems related to the scalp, tea tree oil can take care of the scalp and improve its general health. On being massaged on the scalp with a carrier oil, it allows oxygen to penetrate deeply into the scalp along with other vitamins so that adequate nourishment reaches the hair. Ingrown hair is a problem that a lot of people face but are not aware of. Soaking the hair with tea tree oil opens the pores of the scalp, which allows the ingrown hair to be removed. In addition, tea tree oil is so versatile that it fights a dry scalp by allowing nourishment to reach deeper and also keeps a greasy scalp away by cleansing it thoroughly.

These are some of the best and most prominent benefits of tea tree oil for hair. It is a must-have ingredient in your list of hair care products and as you can see, rightly so!

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