Rapid Teams Provides Enhanced Productivity with Team Building Exercises

Employers can learn much about their employees during team building exercises. Angus Firth, owner of Rapid Teams, offers one of the largest selections of team training and team building exercises that combine fun elements and the sense of a social event for professional development.

Of special interest is the Virtual Reality corporate team building Perth WA exercise with multi-player VR technology. Designed for 3-5 people, teams attempt to diffuse bombs of increasing complexity within specific time frames. Teams will need to exercise their problem solving abilities, communication skills, and utilize creative thinking under pressure.

The Perth City Challenge is ideal for groups of 20-200 people. Individuals utilize a smartphone app to participate in more than 50 challenges. The session emphasizes strategy, creativity, and time management in friendly competition. It offers all the excitement of a scavenger hunt with scores posted live as individuals progress.

Equally engaging is the Fremantle Challenge in which participants visit monuments, find clues, and solve riddles as they employ strategic skills and utilize effective time management techniques. Scores are posted in real-time and 20-200 people can participate.

The corporate team building Perth exercises in the consultancy’s Rapid Teaming sessions accommodate 5-50 people. The experiential learning exercise focuses on communication, collaboration, innovation, lateral thinking, and can be combined with drinks or a meal afterward.

Adaptability and flexibility are the key concepts of the Agile Simulator experience that helps staff respond quickly to challenges and changing conditions. A highly-competitive activity, it’s ideal for 5-30 participants for reinforcing complex problem solving in companies that are already implementing an agile business model.

Companies that want to build teamwork concepts at all levels can avail themselves of the Championship Teams option that highlights the roles in teams, encourages innovation, and teaches the values, purpose, and priorities of a team. Structured problem solving and theory are concepts that participants can take back to the workplace.

The team building workshops and activities provided by Rapid Teams are eligible as continuous professional development hours. Team building activities Perth can be held inside or outdoors throughout Western Australia. It’s been proven that individuals are more receptive to learning experiences that are fun and the services offered at Rapid Teams facilitates greater productivity and profitability.

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