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prince 2 Project Management weekend- Basic Steps

This is a systematic approach used to organize and plan resources to meet project requirements.  It usually requires input from team members to ensure inspired and productive work, and streamlined quality and business program management methodology to support the approach. As on a prince 2 weekend qualification london.

In this article, we will cover the basic steps in project management.  Each process, step or position is discussed in detail, as well as how to recognize if you have successfully completed a project.

The six basic steps of project management are:

This step defines the project, laying the foundation that project management will support, this is why it is done at the end of the project planning phase.

The next step is to determine the project’s objective.  For example, the objective may be to learn how to maintain an online business whilst aiming at greater customer outreach, achieving resources to implement and recognise the accomplishments.

The next step is to identify the project team and their roles.  This step is best done by two people, who have been directly involved in a project at the start, as they can be presented with points of view and unbiased opinions.  In case everything has been done by the project manager then this step will be ignored.

In this step, the project team decides what the project need to concentrate on.  After determining the first two steps, this step has to be made to list the task available and make arrangements.  As the project is incomplete, each task needs to be prioritized in order of importance, with a priority of G1, G2, and G3, with G3 item #1, G1 item #2, and G2 item #3.  To complete this step successfully, the project manager needs to better understand the priorities and filter the project team lists according to it.

The next step is to decide on or create a project plan.  If the project manager is going to ask team members or staff for help in developing the plan, the plan needs to be agreed on first, making sure that each team member is updated of the plan’s progress, and whose roles will be used.

The next step will be to make sure that all end of project documentation is up to date.

The final step is to prepare the materials needed and the schedule that will be used for the project.  If the plan needs to be properly written then this step will be handled by the project manager, however makes sure that the appropriate support team is involved as well.

These six steps of project planning will make for a successful project management.  It is very important that the steps are noted down at the end of the project, as this will help both the manager and team to have a better understanding of the resources that have been used and completed, as well as strategising for the future.  As project manager, it will also allow for better time management if things are put in the right order.

Have all vying interests been considered and prioritised.

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