Pre roll Packaging: 6 mistakes you are making without even realizing it

Pre rolls are very popular among customers all over the globe. The demand for pre rolls is increasing and many new brands are entering the industry. Buyers demand ready-made pre rolls and they don’t like to make it at home. You need to offer them quality pre rolls and pack them inside fascinating packaging boxes. If the pre roll packaging is alluring it will grab a lot of attention from buyers. Most of the packaging boxes are manufactured with cardboard as it keeps the delicate pre rolls safe.If you want to create the perfect pre roll packaging avoid making these six mistakes:

A false representation of pre rolls

When you are designing the best pre roll packaging make sure you don’t represent it wrongly. This packaging has to connect with the product that is packed inside. The customer should have an idea about what they are consuming or how the pre roll is made. Many brands, print a picture of the cannabis plant at the top of the box to make an impression. However, some people have a negative association with cannabis items. They link it with marijuana that can make them feel high. This is a common mistake that many brands make by giving a false impression of their products. One of the most important steps is to choose the right color schemes for packaging. Some brands choose patterns and glowing themes that may not go well with pre rolls. It might give a false idea to the customer that this pre roll is not suitable for their use.

Lack of descriptive information

The pre roll boxes must have descriptive information printed on them. Lack of information about the products is a big mistake that many brands make. The manufacturing and expiry details will help the customer know more about the product. You can also print directions of use and cautions or warnings. Buyers need to know about these details so they can make quick purchase decisions. Some businesses don’t even emboss the logo and company’s name at the top of the box. The poor typography styles may also hinder the sales or reputation of the brand negatively. You need to represent your brand and product authentically to gain favor from all types of customers. If you make these mistakes it can impact the repute of your brand too.

Inappropriate size and style

Pre rolls are delicate and they can get damaged if you don’t pay attention to the quality of packaging. The size and style you choose play a significant role in enhancing sales and revenue. Many cannabis brands try to be different and make the packaging look bigger than usual. However, some brands keep the packaging smaller to make a different impact. The best idea is to choose a box that is manufactured according to the size of the product. If you want to add a divider or insert going for a bigger size makes sense. The same is the case when it comes to choosing the style. If it is not popular among customers they will not purchase your products. Sometimes the items are not easy to recognize as the style of packaging doesn’t blend well with them. The chaotic flood of colors may seem inappropriate and is considered a packaging design mistake.

Less appealing visuals

There are so many brands in the market and it is the packaging that can differentiate you from others. The custom pre roll packaging must have visually appealing graphics on the top. You can also get your logo embossed with vibrant color schemes. When the graphics are poor it will make your packaging dull. It will play an important role when it comes to attracting various buyers. The color scheme you choose must blend with the artwork and patterns. Customers will start recognizing your brand only when they find the packaging easy and alluring. Try hard to use those images that depict the real quality of pre rolls or other cannabis items. Many people consume pre rolls to enjoy high end smoking. You need to give them a good experience or else they will not make repeat purchases. If you work on the visual appeal of packaging it can enhance sales instantly.

Poor quality packaging

Poor quality packaging is one thing that can make your brand suffer. If the packaging is not secure it can damage the products. The cost of shipping will reduce and you can deliver good quality products to the doorstep of customers. Even though you are facing budget constraints compromising on the packaging quality will be disastrous. Many customers believe that if the packaging is not attractive the product packed inside is also bad quality. It is important to choose good cardboard sheets that can make the boxes secure. There are a lot of finishing options that can also improve the durability of the box. Some brands make mistakes while choosing the right material and finishes. This is not going to be accepted by your customers who look for the best products. Rivals can enhance their sales and your brand will suffer even more. You don’t need to add any prints or labels if your targeted customers fail to understand them.

Inconvenient packaging

There are a lot of brands that choose inconvenient packaging boxes. They are not easy to carry and use. Nowadays customers look for convenient packaging and they will not invest time to understand your product. The poor lid styles can give a bad unboxing experience to customers. If there is a transparent window at the top of the box it allows the buyer to take a view of the product. Mostly there is a big difference in the size of tuck ends and it can cause a big issue for the brands. If the packaging is not easy to open it can frustrate buyers. The lids attached with the pre-roll box will help the customer carry it along. Typographical errors are common and obvious mistakes that buyers can judge instantly. It gives an impression of unprofessionalism and ignorance from the brand’s side. Clear and precise information while communicating with targeted customers will work best.

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