What is PixelTrue?

What is PixelTrue?

PixelTrue Illustrations and Vectors is a lifetime subscription to over 1000+ Vector Illustrations with 31 different styles (high quality design), which can be used for any project, mailing or blog.

PixelTrue offers lifetime access to all illustrations! Two new packs of illustrations are added every month.

In this PixelTrue review we will take in-depth look at PixelTrue.

What you’ll get:

  • Special early-bird pricing
  • All packs are included in the package
  • With over $1000 in value
  • With over 1000 premium illustrations & presentations
  • 2+ Packs per month
  • Featuring 31+ Beautiful Styles
  • A Facebook group where members can vote & suggest new packs (for lifetime members only)
  • This allows you to vote for future themes and styles
  • Priority support

PixelTrue lifetime deal benefits

Lifetime access

In addition to the high-quality illustrations we have created, any new illustrations they create in the future will remain available for life.

You will never be charged again!

They’ll regularly release illustration packs for entrepreneurs different industries, so you don’t have to worry about paying for illustrations again!

Breath-taking projects

Our packs are unique and up-to-date with modern trends at least twice a month. Let your customers be amazed by what you create!

How does PixelTrue work?

Become a member

Join the Pixel True community by purchasing the Pixeltrue lifetime deal.

Download it immediately

You can download illustrations directly from the Pixel True website.

Lifetime Access (Special Offer)

Gain access to all future illustrations for the rest of your life. At least 2 packs are released every month.

PixelTrue Pricing & Lifetime Deal

There are two types of pricing for PixelTrue.

Yearly access:

The entire collection of illustrations.

Access to all new & updated packs for 1 year.

Lifetime access:

Access to the current illustration packs.

Access to all new & updated packs for life.

Members have access to a private Facebook group to vote on new packs.

Pixeltrue design packs

An illustration pack is full of exciting scenes that you can incorporate into your copy to complement SEO, marketing, product releases, newsletter, etc. It is easy to create your scene with an illustration pack.

A few clicks in Sketch or Figma can make illustrations match your brand or products. Each pack will include a variety of exciting scenes that can be adapted to any business, and new illustrations will be added regularly.