NS Sound boom Mini Speakers Review

NS Sound boom Mini Speakers Review

Hey, guys, in this post we’re going to be reviewing the best bass Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now. We are going to review the NS Sound boom Mini Bluetooth speakers. We have selected these Bluetooth speakers based on public opinion and hours of research, and we have listed them based on size, features and price. This is upgraded level technology and for sure it will more beneficial in upcoming time.  So whether you’re looking for a Bass Bluetooth speaker for chilling on your own or a powerful party speaker with booming bass for the beach will of the product for you. So let’s get started with the Specification, Sound Quality and Price.


Specification, Sound Quality and Price:

The First product on our list is the NSA Sound Boom mini. This is our best budget based Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking for extra big sound from a small portable Bluetooth speaker, that’s extremely budget friendly. The NS Sound Boom Mini may be the perfect option for you. It may be many, but the base from it really booms currently priced at just 30 dollars. You’ll be amazed that the sound quality is surprisingly good given its size and price. The five watt sound is much louder than you’d expect because of the dual channel passive driver that makes it sound like it’s coming from bigger speakers. It also pushes the base on either side with its dual channel base design that really resonates and fills the space well. Although at Max volume, the sound boom mini does struggle with keeping the same audio clarity as some higher end speakers.


It does deliver more than acceptable sound quality in almost all of their situations. So unless you’re really into your music, you very likely won’t mind. It’s also one of the few Bluetooth speakers under one hundred dollars that has Bluetooth 5.0. Besides being low energy and having great connectivity, it also means that if you had a couple of these sound boom minis, you can play your tunes at the same time on both speakers. It’s great for larger spaces or for instant big stereo sound that really punches out the base. You’ll find the silicone gel skin is really nice and feels great. It’s also durable and water resistant, which means that as long as you’re not putting the speaker completely underwater, it’ll be fine. How Technology is changing business with smart and unique products and for sure there is some Positive and Negative Effects of Technology.


Key Features:

  • Decent battery life: Five hour playback.
  • Passive driver speakers: increases the effects of the base, giving you a surprising amount of.


  • Bluetooth: better range and performance with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Price: priced under 30 dollars and performs way out of its price range.
  • Size: only about three by three by three inches cubed.


  • Not waterproof: The Speaker cannot be submerged under water.
  • Max volume: at high volumes. Audio doesn’t sound as crisp.


Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a budget Bluetooth speaker that performs outside of its price range and delivers considerable base loud enough, that volume won’t be an issue, but small enough to take with you almost anywhere. This might be the Bluetooth speaker for you.