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Global Sources – Why Shop with Global Sources?

If you are looking to purchase goods online, Global Sources is a great place to start. You can also make use of the Global Sources Payments system, which holds your payment in escrow until the order is confirmed. This process ensures that the seller receives payment and can deliver goods in a timely manner. Nonetheless, you should be wary of sellers who refuse to use escrow. This is a potentially high-risk business move, and the consequences can be devastating. Therefore, you should do your homework and use the Global Sources Reviews feature.

While there are many scammers online, there are also a lot of verified suppliers with years of experience. These suppliers can ensure a safe trading experience for you. Just make sure to check the supplier’s profile and the feedback from past customers. Global Sources also organizes trade shows that help buyers get the best deals. These events can also help you with your marketing campaigns.

Global Sources is a marketplace with thousands of suppliers, and its listings cover more than 30 categories. It also has millions of registered buyers. The Global Sources website and app both have a search bar at the top of every page. Use this to find products and suppliers in a specific category. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can click on a product or supplier to view more details. You can also send inquiries to the sellers.

Buy Pin Headers from Global Sources Source Global Stock

Board to board connectors Pin Header

Pin headers are used to connect two or more PCBs together. The connectors have several characteristics, including their insulator, which is essential to ensuring proper alignment. Most connectors come with two pins, one for each PCB, and are soldered together. Some of these connectors can be stacked or soldered directly to the PCBs.

Board to board connectors pin headers are available in various types, including through-hole, Surface-mount, and locating peg. They also come with different current ratings, which are important to consider when selecting them. In addition, pin-pitches should be large enough to accommodate the current flowing through the connector without causing any issues with routing traces on the board.

Board to board connectors come with a wide variety of pins, and each connector has its own unique characteristics. Some are press-fit and do not require soldering, while others are hermetically sealed and resistant to chemicals. They may also be equipped with filters that prevent EMI.

Pin Headers Pitch:1.27mm 2*25PIN 180degree LCP ROHS

The Pitch:1.27mm Pin Header comes in a single row or dual-row configuration with single, dual, or quad contacts from 1*1 to 1*40. These connectors are also available in a right-angle or vertical mounting orientation. Through-Hole mounts require drilling holes into the bare PCB. This method is not an automatic pick-up and place option and therefore consumes more time and money.

2.54mm pitch Single Row 6-pin header

This 2.54mm pitch Single Row 6 pin header is made of polyester. It has five positions and one row and features no SVHC or SMD. It is ideal for breadboards and strip boards. Its polarity and contact positioning are excellent, and it is suitable for panel mounting. However, it is expensive and has a large footprint. The cheaper, more compact Mini-PV connector family is a better option if your application requires a small footprint.

Global Sources has a vast amount of pin headers in their global stock. You can visit their site for more information about pin headers and manufacturers who sell them.

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