Pilot project for $10 daycare is extended to April 2021

The plans for Lexie’s Little Bear’s Childcare, new building will create room for 16 additional kids.

The $10 daily daycare pilot program that has been beneficial to 80 families in Victoria will until April 2021 continue to enjoy the same price

Lexie Biegun indicated that she currently discovered that the project has been renewed by the government in the province for Lexie Little Bears Child Care Inc., which is among the two sites located in Greater Victoria participating in the sample stage of a low-cost children daycare for Canadians.

Childcare services are also offered by the pilot project at $200 monthly.

The owner of the daycare, Biegun stated that it was a cliché but seems like winning a jackpot and the families have been overjoyed about the pilot project for several years. It was required by everyone.

This prototype has been beneficial to about 2,500 parents who have kids in 53 daycare centers in the region. Launched in November 2018, the pilot has received about $60million investment funds from the federal government.

The Minister for Child Care, Katrina Chen indicated that they were very happy that the region was bold enough about the signs they received from Ottawa to kick start deliberations on the renewal of the current model contracts for one more year. She continued that child care investments have been prioritized for a very long time and the problem will not be solved over the night but progress is being made.

Additional information on the renewal of the pilot project contract is anticipated in the weeks to come.

The Highlands daycare is currently at full capacity. A waitlist of above 300 families existed which was 50% the size around June 2019.

Biegun stated that saying no to remarkable families is very distressing as they are entitled to low-cost daycare and the pressure of the pilot project is being felt daily.

As a result of the overpowering demand, Biegun is demanding for an expansion of the facilities.

She desires for the development of another daycare structure and a little area covered outside, for the day care’s external shelter. The expansion project will create additional rooms for 16 kids.

She requested for support for expansion from the Parliament Members Alistair MacGregor, Elizabeth May (Saanich-Gulf Islands), (Cowichan-Malahat Langford). She concluded several support letters from parents and moves to counsel for a development variance license from the Highlands.

This license is among the initial steps required to launch the process for developing a new construction on the forest land spanning about four acres.


The Effect Of Pregnancy On Leading Influencers

Hannah Barrett and Kayla Johnson are doing an excellent job of keeping themselves engaged with new business deals during their pregnancies.

On the other hand, Accountant and influencer Barrett is due to give birth in 4 months with her husband, Beauden Barrett. Despite the pregnancy, Barrett with health supplements.

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Ex Silver Fern, Johnson will also welcome her baby in three months with Shaun Johnson, and she has spiked up her interest in floristry and design.

Johnson has her Instagram page called Casa and Coast. The page specializes in renovation, and home styling featuring homes in Sydney, and Mangawhai.

If we are to look at their previous work, the kid’s room will look fantastic. In the past few days, wife and husband have revamped their garage, laundry, and gym, turning them into a flower studio.

In the past few days, she mentioned on Instagram about her first customer, accompanying the post with a picture of her bulldogs.

Barrett has become a director on the board of NZ supplement company Me Today. She let her fans know on Instagram a few days back.

“This has been one of the happiest moments of my life. I can easily say it is one of my proudest moments. Working with this amazing company and the incredible team at Me Today NZ board is a dream come true. I am really passionate about the company and where it is headed,” she said.

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She also mentioned that Beauden has been looking forward to being a dad for quite some time. She also mentioned that she would want her daughter to call Beauden, Pa. Finally, she confessed that they’ve not started prepping the nursery at the moment.

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