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A Piece of the moon Sale for $2.5 million

A piece of the moon for sale: only $2.5 million Can be sure that it’s in the moon after comparing it with rock Called NWA 12691, it is thought to be the largest part of the moon. There is only 650 kg.
One of the world’s biggest lunar meteorites goes on personal sale at Christie’s, valued at 2 million pounds ($2.49 million).

This is what a piece of the Moon looks like after 1,000 years on Earth. Courtesy RR Auction
This is what a Slice of the Moon: Courtesy RR Auction

“The significance of holding a piece of another world in your hands is something you never forget,” said James Hyslop, Christie’s head of science and history.


Samples brought back by the United States’ Apollo space missions to the added. The moon stone, weighing 13.5 kg, was struck off the “It is an actual piece of the moon. It is about the size of a football, a bit more oblong than that, bigger than your head” Thousand comes from the moon, which makes this a very particular object, he Surface of the moon with a collision with comet or an asteroid and then showered down to the Sahara desert.


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