Pick Best Gifts and Toys for 8 year old girl

Toys for 8 year old girl

There are plenty of Best Gifts and Toys for 8 year old girl, but if you’re looking for a different way to choose a gift or toy, keep these in mind. For the budding fashionista, how about a doll that comes with a designer wardrobe? Or maybe they’d prefer to create their own clothing designs? If they love animals, they’ll enjoy caring for their new pet with one of our many animal toys and games. There’s something here for every 8 year old girl! Whether she likes dolls, pets, cooking, crafting or pretend play – we’ve got all the best toys for 8 year old girls. 

There are many great options for Best Gifts and Toys for 8 year old girl who is an athlete. Below are some of the best toys and gift ideas that she might enjoy. Check out some of our top picks below Best Gifts and Toys for 8 year old girl.

-Spa deluxe: Girls also play this activity with their best friends and can enjoy the “Day at the SPA”. Girls can pamper their girlfriends with a pedicure. All painted nails and many colored nail polishes are non-toxic. Includes a booklet of spa party ideas.

-My fairy garden: This is a great toy for little girls who are interested in “growing plants”. It consisted of everything needed to grow a beautiful and magical fairy garden. The seeds of the plant take a while and start growing a few days after sowing.

-Magic Pro Mini Basketball Game: This is a great game for kids to play with friends or family at home. There are four different games to play, making it fun and challenging. The mini basketball nets adjust to different heights, so they can adjust it to their age and skill level. It also helps develop hand eye coordination, passing skills and shooting accuracy. 

-Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow: This is a toy that will allow your 8 year old girl to pretend she is on James Bond’s team in her own spy adventures! She’ll get hours of playing time out of this toy, especially if you’re looking for something more than just a doll.

-Barbie Active Doll: If your 8 year old girl likes Barbie dolls, but also likes to be active and healthy, then this is the perfect option! You’ll get two dolls in one when you purchase this product – one doll comes dressed as an athletic barbie while the other doll comes dressed as a non-athletic barbie. They have 2 different outfits each which add lots of variety for imaginative playtime. Each doll has interchangeable clothes to wear, hairbrushes, shoes, water bottles and a journal where they write down what they do during the day. These are both ideal gifts for 8 year olds that like to stay active. Plus, both are also easy to pack up for sleepovers and travel. For young artists: Whether your 8 year old girl likes drawing or coloring, there’s bound to be a toy out there that will pique her interest. These are just a few of the most popular choices available today.

-Perler Mini Art Easel set: The Perler art easel is excellent for young children who love creating artwork with beads. They can use their creativity in endless ways by mixing colors, shapes, sizes and textures all together to create unique pieces of art!

Their finished work will look like nothing else because it’s original to them.

-Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit: Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit is perfect for parents who don’t want their child messing up their house with crayons everywhere. These markers only color the paper (no mess!), so there’s no need to worry about these colors getting on furniture, walls or clothing either. 

-Fisher Price Doodle Bear Drawing Tablet: Even though this isn’t technically a toy, Fisher Price Doodle Bear Drawing Tablet would make an excellent addition to any 8 year old girls’ toy collection.


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