Pakistan Faces Doubts on Curbing Terror Front



WASHINGTON— The Pakistani government says it wants to introduce a new counter-extremism policy. But as Monday’s bombing in Quetta shows, Pakistan has a long way to go to stop the carnage that has plagued the country, analysts say. “A new counterterrorism policy in Pakistan would be a good thing, but I worry it could just be window dressing that papers over the broader problem,” Michael Kugelman, senior researcher at the Woodrow Wilson Center, told VOA. Kugelman said that the militant extremism problem would not end if Pakistan continues to “refuse to crack down on all forms of terrorism and all forms of terrorist groups.”

Pakistani dresses online shopping made easy


Fashion & Cosmetics Several fashion fiestas have become regular in Pakistani fashion industry. In the traditional dresses, there is a trend of wearing long length skirts or the salwar suits or trousers in Pakistan. However, there is a huge revolution, which has taken place in the fashion arena of Pakistan. In Pakistan, women are entering into the practical field of work culture and there is a consistent change in the dressing sense that is being coming up in the recent few years. Among the traditional dresses, the salwar suit is most popular. Various aspects of Pakistani traditional dresses Since the salwar suit is the

national dress of Pakistan, this dress is commonly used both as formal and casual dress. There are a variety of online shopping sites that are coming up to fulfill the need of the customers, who love to shop online. There are various renowned brands, which are making the rounds with their unique designs and collection of dresses. They are uploading their brands on the web portals. In Pakistan, people are becoming aware of buying clothes from these online shopping stores. Online shopping store, which are

coming up to satisfy the fashion needs of the Pakistani women, are gaining a huge momentum. In these sites, you will get the dresses along with different sizes, prices. If you are plus sized, there is nothing to worry about because some of these sites will provide you the different plus sized dresses. However, if you are very thin then also you stop worrying on availability of the dresses. The Pakistani dresses online shopping sites will serve this purpose. There are various Pakistani formal dresses available in the market too. These include Gharara and Lehnga. There are different designer dresses that are getting tremendous popularity these days. These Pakistani dresses online shopping sites are coming according to the stylization of the western fashion worlds. With the modernization in various sectors, the Pakistani dresses are making its place in the western fashion world too. The Pakistani dresses are gaining popularity in the western world because of its elegance in the traditional wears. Embroidery and bridal outfits Pakistani wedding is the most popular among all the rituals in this country. Therefore, the bridal

dresses have to be unique in its nature. These dresses are easily available in the Pakistani online sites. You will get variety of designs in these websites. There is a trend of using a specific type of fabric for the bridal costumes. Also Pakistani designers use glittering threads to stich on the bridal suits, which makes them even more attractive. The best online Pakistani dress that you can buy from the online store can be embroidered stitches, fabrics. Apart from these designs, you will numerous designs, which are available in the several leading online stores. While you are surfing these online stores, you should keep a keen watch on the pricing. You will surely hit a great deal on the garments that you are looking to buy from these sites every now and then.

Pakistani dresses online: Some top tips to get the best


Online Shopping It is due to the internet that everything around us has changed, from the normal search to the way you shop. Same is the case when things come down to buying dresses that are originally from Pakistan. If you are somebody who loves to experiment with their style of dressing and loves traditional clothes then Pakistani wear are the best kinds of clothing to flaunt. The main dress that the Pakistani

women wear is salwar kameez which is their traditional as well as casual wear. Such dresses are made in such a way that they help in enhancing the look and the style of the person wearing the same in a better way. Choosing the stylish dresses of Pakistani origin: Salwar kameez being the main Pakistani wear is made keeping in mind the fashion and style of the women living in Pakistan. The dresses have one common in them and that is elegance and class that is totally different from the other kinds of dresses that are available in the market. You choose from the variety of designs and looks of such dresses that are available. If you are somebody who stays away from Pakistan but still want to look gorgeous in their dresses then the best way to get such dresses is over the internet. The advantage of going with the

Pakistani dresses online is that you choose from the huge variety that is available and that too in various price ranges. But normally the crunch that comes up while buying the Pakistani Dresses online is finding the perfect company to go with. The tips regarding finding the right company: While searching through the internet you are sure to come across various companies that offer such dresses that are of Pakistani origin. But this is also a fact that all these companies that you will find over the internet are the best or perfect. So, it is important on the part of the individual to go for a company that is the best. To make sure that you get the best company all you have to do is go through the following tips that are mentioned below: 1.Always try and compare the companies that you find online. As such comparison helps in deciding which company best suits your need and which one you should go with. 2.It is

important that you should get your priorities straight while selecting the company to go with. If you know what kind of salwar kameez you will need from so many varieties then choosing the company will be an easy task. 3.The reviews that are left by the previous customers who have worked with the company are very much helpful on the part of the customer. As these reviews help in understanding the company in a better way. There is no hard and fast rule that all these tips will be perfect but there are chances that you will end up with a good company online. There is no hard and fast rule that all these tips will be perfect but there are chances that you will end up with a good company online.


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