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Endless is a simple, fun music collaboration app

The app's interface is somewhat intuitive. The right-most page contains setup options for quantizing, tempo, key and more. The left-most page lets you select between types of instruments, samples and effects, as well as the microphone input. Once you make a selection, the app will automatically switch to the next page, which lets you choose…

Recommended Reading: Dead Sea Scroll fragments in DC are fakes

Exclusive: 'Dead Sea Scrolls' at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeriesMichael GreshkoNational GeographicWhen the Museum of the Bible opened in Washington, DC in 2017, it funded a research project that examined pieces of what was thought to be Dead Sea Scroll fragments. In 2018, the museum announced that all five sections under review…

Huawei says US trade ban is a ‘big difficulty’ to selling phones

Huawei’s revenue grew by 19.1 percent last year to around $121 billion, but the company says those numbers would be far higher if the United States had not cracked down on its ability to do business. Due to a trade ban initially ordered last May, Huawei is unable to acquire US parts and software or…

Flat Earth advocate dies after homemade rocket crashes

Hughes' goal had been to verify his belief in a disc-shaped Earth by flying to space, with successive launches taking him higher and higher in altitude. His first rocket launch in 2014 took him to 1,374 feet, but successive launches didn't travel much higher. A 2018 flight peaked at 1,875 feet.It's not clear at this…

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