Outstaffing FAQ: For Those Who Hesitate

Outstaffing FAQ: For Those Who Hesitate

More and more businesses are interested in remote workers. But they want to make it official instead of looking for someone on the Internet, not knowing whether they are great professionals. For that, there are outsourcing and outstaffing. 

The essence of both is finding remote professionals to work on your projects. The IT industry is one of the most popular to outstaff since all the work is done on PCs and online. For those who are interested but hesitate whether working with an outstaffing company is the right choice, we’ve created this FAQ post.

Here, you’ll get answers to some common and uncommon questions about the approach.

What language will we communicate in if I choose to work with freelancers from overseas?

In IT, English is the ultimate language. Every programmer is required to know it if they want to develop better skills. So, make sure your team and the freelancers you’ll be cooperating with know it perfectly.

If there are difficulties, remember that most of the communication is often done in written form in messengers. There are many apps with features that translate text. Of course, this isn’t the most reliable option, but it’s present.

Will cultural misunderstandings affect our cooperation?

Usually, not. If you work with a professional company and experts, there will be no issues. Even if there is a misunderstanding, you will be able to resolve it quickly and without arguments. The largest barrier may be the language, but this issue is also easily solvable.

The most important thing is to find an agency that is great at problem-solving and chooses candidates with the same skill to work with its clients.

How long will it take till I get my employee or team?

This greatly depends on the company you choose that will look for specialists. Many of them promise to set you up in a month or so. We think one of the factors is the rarity of tasks you need the expert to perform. There are many regular programmers, but if you need something extra special, the search may take a longer time.

How much money will I save through outstaffing?

Many companies save as much as 50% of the money they would have spent on hiring an expert on their team, providing a workplace, etc. The actual number depends on:

  • Your budget;
  • The scope of the project;
  • The kind of expert you need, etc.

You can discuss this with the agency to achieve the best agreement for both sides.

How much will I pay for choosing a candidate?

This depends on the agency you choose. Many don’t charge for anything until you actually start cooperating with a specialist or a team. Make sure you discuss the financial side of the cooperation beforehand. Read the agreement carefully.

We hope these answers have cleared something up for you and helped you to understand whether outstaffing is the right choice for your company. In case it is, don’t hesitate and contact the right agency right now!

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