Only foreigners are allowed to surf in Bali

Living in Bali used to be considered exquisite and even luxurious. You would see expats from all over the world settling here. Whether bar, restaurant, coffee shop, guesthouse or other small business owners, digital nomads, online entrepreneurs, the people had a wonderful time on this beautiful island. Until the corona virus of course. Or, rather until the governments and mass-media started their death and fear propaganda so that some companies sell their medicine. I am not saying that the virus is not real. What I am saying is that the  governments overreaction combined with the interests of some large medical companies and the dollar grabbing media, pushed to stop the planet and create havoc. This was not needed as much evidence comes to light now and those who pushed this nefarious narrative will be exposed.

Bali did not have a lock-down

Bali did not have a real lock-down or a quarantine except for a very short time period. However the tourist attractions, such as temples, gardens, museums, palaces and other monuments are closed. Some restaurants are closed. Apparently they have to demonstrate that they can keep parties separated and away from infection. Social distancing propaganda. But that is not the case in bars for example as there are quite a few people gather around bottles of beer. And of course – what hurts most people, the beaches are closed. Especially when you mostly see couples on the Bali beaches. The beach is not really for social gatherings but for walking and relaxation. The authorities could have kept closed the restaurants and bars on the beach. But let the people walk and watch the sun set.

Only foreigners are allowed to surf in Bali

Now, two beaches in Bali are opening starting June 1, 2020. Those Bali beaches open for surfing only are Padang Padang and Canggu Beach. However, it is open to foreigners only and surfers only. With this kind of racism who needs Bali?

It is true, there is a large community of surfers in Bali but that does not make more worthy of accessing the beach than the rest. I would argue that there are more people that do not surf in Bali. They should be allowed access as well as the beach heals and makes us calm and comfortable. What about the joggers? I would like to go for a run on the beach in the morning.

On a different note, the surfers must wear a mask when accessing the beach. This seems to be an idea from a Kafka novel. Follow authority, no matter how dumb the situation is. Why is the use of mask when you’re surfing? To keep the waves from getting sick? It is just an excuse to say that we are following some rules but not all the rules.

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