The Official training course on hydroponics was scheduled for mid-July, with an additional course open to students with prior experience.

“Hogrefe’s main objective is to provide a strong education to ensure that the students who attend are competent in their abilities to produce hydroponic produce, which is a fairly accurate and scientific method of growing that allows for specific and controlled growth of plant life. It is the most effective, efficient, and reliable method to produce tomatoes, lettuce, greens, herbs, and pepper plants using indoor hydroponic systems. The children will be taught not only how to do that, but how to reduce their inputs to less than 10%, which is impossible to do with soil. It is the key to producing produce that is cheaper than buying it.”

Dr. Kurt Baumgartner is a freelance lecturer and writer. He is the founding principal of Green Haven Farms, and author of numerous other publications,

Until quite recently the federal government did not represent Northern territories. As far back as 1990, the government of Canada showed its willingness to ignore the constitutional requirements by assuming that the territories were not allowed to discuss and negotiate issues such as agriculture or natural resources. The Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory were told by the government of Canada to speak on matters they believed were the jurisdiction of other levels of government. Northern territorial governments should have been granted a veto. It has taken almost 25 years, but that is what Northern territories are finally gaining.

The agreement that the federal government announced on June 23, 2011 is not an agreement at all, but an agreement to represent Northern territories in a limited number of areas of environmental concern. For example,

Northern territories were not consulted on the official list of pesticides approved to be used by the Agriculture Department of Canada. None of the people from the six northern territories were consulted or asked what regulations Northern territories would like to see for the acceptable use of pesticides. Northern territories were not consulted or asked what impact a ban on certain pesticides would have on the rights of individuals to use certain types of fertilizers.

The agreement was not a statement of mutual responsibility. The government of Canada has shown no willingness to establish an official process that would represent the interests of Northern territories. Instead, it has avoided questions by making statements such as the fact that “there are eight supervisory authorities in the environment and agriculture who regulate any matters or subjects that are under the jurisdiction of the federal government.”

The real agreement is an agreement by agreement with each other. It is quite obvious that federal, territorial and provincial governments are working together to reach an agreement. The government of Canada has announced that the agreement will be presented as a joint resolution of the House of Commons and Senate. Therefore, it will not be in the legislative process.

Those who have been vocal in their opposition to the agreement are a handful of elected representatives from a very small number of Northern territories.

The agreement is a charade. The government of Canada has shown that it is not concerned with the interests of Northern territories, it is not interested in our concerns.

The government has signed a secret agreement to represent the interests of Northern territories. Northern governments will be made to represent the interests of all of Canada.


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