Office Hygiene: Measures, Techniques and Prices

Did you know that cleanliness is the number one measure of well-being in the workplace? Therefore, office cleanliness is very important in terms of employee motivation and productivity. But maintaining a property requires more technology than it looks. We have compiled all the information on this page to fully understand office hygiene information.

What are the components of office hygiene?

  • How to clean offices?
  • How do you choose an office cleaning company?
  • How much does office cleaning cost?

This will give you a better idea of ​​the office cleaning industry and let you choose your company. More than 540,000 people work in the cleaning industry, with a third in Paris and Ile-de-France, where most businesses and communities use cleaning services. Île-de-France has more than double the number of cleaning start-ups compared to the rest of France.

In addition to the items listed in the code, office cleanliness has a significant impact on work comfort and the company’s image to customers.

The rules of hygiene. Spatial and workplace quality of life profile

Clean and tidy rooms contribute to a company’s reputation with both customers and suppliers, as well as when meeting with the public and employees. It builds trust in the company and its products or services.

Employee health

Rengøringshjælp helps to eliminate disease-causing bacteria. This includes upgrading the flooring and sanitary facilities, as well as freshening the air in the offices.

Convenience at work

According to the Association of Cleaning Industries, 84% of the French consider cleanliness important in their workplace. It makes employees safe at work, increases comfort and boosts employee productivity. A clean room allows you to focus on your work.

Respect the environment

Sorting and collecting waste is very important to the policies of corporate social responsibility. This shows that the company cares about the environmental impact and is part of a responsible and sustainable approach.

Who can clean the workplace?

If their employment contract specifies these responsibilities, a contractor may be required to clean common areas and bathrooms, or even remove trash. There is no mandatory certification for these services. But some types of cleaning, like taking care of windows or carpets, require real knowledge.

In-house product maintenance is cheaper than hiring a cleaner, but the cleaning is not as high quality. A floor technician is trained in various cleaning techniques and household products. He is more experienced and knows how to take care of floors.



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