Netflix Horror Movies to Give you a Spook on Halloween

Pumpkins, super creepy outfits, scary ghost stories, trick or treating- there’s so much to love about Halloween. We could go on forever. With leaves drifting off from the trees and pumpkins begin to adorn our entranceway, one thing is for certain, Halloween is all set to get our scare on. While many must be busy in preparing Halloween costumes, and tasty Halloween treats, how about you doing something that sticks with you long after it’s over? Something that makes you jump over a small noise and makes you check your closet, bathroom and bed? Something that twist your stomach into knots with fear? Here we’re about to reveal one of the true greatest things about Halloween and without which your celebration wouldn’t be complete; it’s watching a scare yourself horror movie.

Whether you’re someone who hides behind a cushion or an occasional horror film devotee, Netflix is at your beck and call. Brimming with tons of classic horror movies, this streaming service tops our list when talking about scary movie offerings. So, get yourself a bucket of popcorn and a pillow to hide behind – we’re about to discuss the best horror films on Netflix that are all set to give you a spook on October 31st. Let’s dive in.

Selfie from Hell

All selfie queens and kings out there it’s a warning you might never take another selfie again after watching this. Imagine, if a little scroll through Insta feed could actually kill you. Intriguing, right? That’s nearly what happens to Vlogger Julia in this film. It all started with Julia telling her followers about her investigation of “selfie from hell”. We won’t ruin the rest. A very tense and jumpy, but not excessively scary- this movie is best for both horror lovers and haters alike.

In the Tall Grass

Thought-provoking and oh so creepy, In the Tall Grass is a must watch this Halloween. For those itching more Stephen King adaptions, there could be no better way to satisfy your urge with this classic piece of work. The story starts with a sister and brother travelling to San Diego, where they heard a young boy crying out loud and calling for help from a field of tall grass. Both the siblings went there to rescue the boy, and within minutes they were disoriented, and they lost one another. This terrifying and masterfully told tale holds a fair few twists throughout. And if you want to explore its written version, then we recommend you visit the online book stores available at the TVC website.

The Haunting of Hill House

What if you’re asked to live in a haunted house, will you dare to? This is what exactly, The Haunting of Hill House is all about. Not a movie, but if you want to feel scared out of your brains the entire Halloween night, then watching this series is entirely worth it. The series speaks out loud of one’s family time spent in a haunted house and the repercussions they bear for their life’s decades afterwards. The series will definitely make you jump off your couch, and you’ll be triple-checking every nook and corner of your very own place.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

The only great thing that happens in 2020 is the second season of The Haunting of Hill House known as The Haunting of Bly Manor. Before giving you hints of the series, we warn you this time things will be completely different. Blending a smart family drama with frightening and terrifying imagery with those creepy moving dolls, a woman rising from a lake, in short, another fearsome set of series is live on Netflix for you. Note that this season is measurably less scary than the first, many say it’s more of a love story, but it’s still well worth watching- witness on your own this Halloween.

The invitation

This hidden gem on Netflix is genuinely bone-chilling and haunt you long after watching. A dinner party involving friends who have gone down a different path and witnessing an ex with a new partner (a situation we all have been through for sure). Will being pretty reluctant to go because it’s been a while since he saw his ex-wife Eden. It’s a tense drama, and the mundane horror scene in the movie grips the film from the beginning. There couldn’t be any better than hitting onto this exceptional movie for Halloween night.

Gerald’s Game

Involves an older couple who have been struggling with their sex life and trying to rekindle their romance on a romantic weekend getaway- Gerald’s Game is a perfect movie to binge-watch this Halloween. During a kinky game, where Jessie is handcuffed to the bed with no key and anyone around, and on the other hand Gerald gets a cardiac arrest and dies while leaving Jessie in a particularly dark situation. This film will make you scared of being alone and cause you to triple-check your doors and people around.

Ayesha Lily

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