The Nature Friendly Farming Network will host a virtual conference for farmers

Policy makers, and industry stakeholders to discuss the practicalities of working with Nature to increase farm profitability.

The conference will be held on 19 October 2021 and bring together economists. Farmers, and accountants to discuss the realities of farming in harmony with nature. The day will include workshops that will discuss how to make nature a shareholder. In a business and practical tips on how to achieve a sustainable approach.

Moving from a high-productivity-at-all-costs mindset to one that balances farming with nature. This conference is structured to give farmers the tools to identify. Their business costs in line with their natural assets.

Two panel discussions will feature farmers from the UK sharing their experiences with farming. In partnership and the benefits this brings to their businesses. Throughout the event, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Among others, guest speakers are Professor Sir Dieter Helm. Armstrong Watson Accountants and Professor Tim Benton, as well as Nethergill Associates.

Chris Clark, a Partner in Nethergill Associates, and NFFN England Chair says: 

“About 3 years ago, while I was a Dales farmer I began to notice some amazing comments from farmers in the north. Some were making decisions about their future for profitability reasons or to ensure that the next generation takes over their farms. In ‘winding down’, they experienced an increase in their profitability.

Policy makers, and industry stakeholders to discuss the practicalities of working with Nature to increase farm profitability.

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“This was a reflection of my own efforts to make Nethergill a profitable farm by reducing stock numbers and reducing inputs. Although it seemed counterintuitive and made no sense, I was a farmer who had taken the agricultural college views and never challenged them.

“Then, I discovered there were two costs to working with nature. what is naturally and freely available such as soil or grass and what’s the cost of substituting for it such as feed or fertilizer. The first is a high-priced expense that attempts drive production beyond its natural capabilities. The farmer is responsible for replacing the natural fertility and health of the soil if it becomes exhausted. What’s the solution? The solution?

The Nature Means Business conference is followed by a series of free visits to NFFN farms across the UK, to witness this work in action

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