What does a reliable moving company cost?

The most crucial information about contracts, prices and cost traps.

Is there a move coming up? Find out here how you can save time, effort, and costs with the moving company.

In the following article, we explain in detail about moving with a moving company!

All important questions about moving will be answered in our guide.

Is a moving company an option for me, or do I take the initiative? Is Do-It-Yourself Really Cheaper? What things do I have to look out for when choosing a moving company? To what extent can I save costs when moving?

In the following, you will learn everything about moving companies so that your next move does not become a flop.

Moving company or your own initiative?

moving company

Do you prefer a stress-free or comfortable, and inexpensive move?

It goes without saying that a move that is carried out by yourself is cheaper than having a move with a moving company.

Nonetheless, the move that is done privately is robbing you of valuable time. Work such as packing cardboard boxes yourself, dismantling furniture, applying for permits, and carrying out safe transport takes a lot of time, which is not possible for many.

One should keep in mind that packing boxes, dismantling furniture, and transporting them safely.

Not to forget, you need moving helpers from your friends or family to support you and of course a suitable transporter. As a comparison, moving with a reputable moving company is far more convenient – but such a moving service costs a little more. Hiring an international shipping company is the best option for exporting heavy equipment transport. These companies are experts in all aspects of international shipping and can assist with things like customs clearance, container packing, ocean freight and air freight.

When would a moving company be worthwhile?

moving company

When a moving company is worthwhile for your move if you:

  • Do not want to forego comfort,
  • If the move needs to be done quickly,
  • Moving takes too long,
  • Are physically impaired and are physically unable to
  • do not have a suitable driver’s license that entitles you to drive a van or trailer,
  • Your living space exceeds 35 m², and the moving volume is too large,
  • Your house community runs a multi-family household,
  • Some of your removal goods are valuable, and you would prefer to insure them through a company,
  • Want to avoid the stress of moving.

When does it make sense to move on your own?

moving company

Moving yourself takes a lot of work, takes time, and strains your nerves – but costs less and saves you money by engaging professional support.

Moving with few items, such as moving to a furnished apartment, a room in a shared apartment, or a student dormitory, is easy to do with the help of a few friends and a rented van.

Basically, your own decision depends on two things: whether I want to save money or time?

In order to avoid additional costs, many decide against professional help for their own move. After all, such work would have to be managed.

It’s not entirely wrong, but do you actually know what such a moving company costs?

Do not forget that a move that you want to do privately also entails costs. With a moving company, these are already included in the total price.

What does a moving company cost?

The question of all questions is finally answered:

Moving with professional help is not only quick, comfortable, and stress-free, it is also usually cheaper than you think. It is not always more advantageous to move house yourself.

moving company

Even with a moving company, you can save on moving if you use a cheap provider. Proper preparation and the selection of a reputable moving company is crucial.

Why are there different prices at the moving companies?

moving company

Prices and a number of services from providers differ greatly in our industry, as the volume of the house inventory of each house community varies.

Therefore, it is particularly important when choosing to carry out a price-performance comparison before deciding on a service provider.

When exactly is the price right?

moving company

Every move is different, so it is difficult to say what a move will actually cost. Particularly important is the number of square meters or the number of cubic meters of the property, how much volume has to be transported, and the distance between the new apartment and the old one.

The information in the following table is for guidance only and should be viewed as non-binding. With this, we try to show you what prices are usually incurred with certain household sizes.

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