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Not long ago, find our daily news through the news paper, television or radio. The whole world relied on these 3 media to know what was happening in the world. So much that the media houses literally ruled the world. Not so today, when the Internet has ensured that news is no longer the forte of any particular communication medium. Almost everywhere, they have had to reinvent themselves in order to transfer. Their news to a web platform where the web delivers news much faster than ever. When big news breaks out in Palestine. People in South Africa or the South Pole will know it seconds after it appears on the Internet as news. People, who were mostly newspaper buyers and television viewers, today receive their news through their personal computers and smartphones. Technology allows you to receive all kinds of news on mobile phones. According to recent statistics, people who use mobile phones. Will spend between 65% and 75% of their day near these devices. This means that they are alerted to all kinds of news that interest them. They never need to buy a newspaper or magazine. Images and videos are available online. And the need for television to reinforce. The news with images is diminishing even more. It is entirely possible for a news item to travel without a single word in print. In remote parts of the world where it was difficult to transport printed prints, a simple mobile phone. Can keep a person as informed as someone in New York or Paris. Many media conglomerates of the 1980s and 1990s died because they couldn’t change. They relied on the advertising dollars they made through print, but today the Internet. Has changed the face of this revenue stream as well. Almost any ad that is considered by a business will be considered for the Internet and perhaps for print. Advertising on the Internet can also be inexpensive, which means that these media companies. Have to find additional ways to generate income. Many of the largest have moved their publications to the Internet. Even then, the debate over the death of paper newspapers and magazines continues. However, they are not left with many options, because as long as a person has access to a cheap mobile phone. That can access the Internet, and most do, they will prefer most of the time to get their variety of news from there.

The Day Today – This Is The News!

The Day Today, like so many other British comedies, produced very few episodes. But the proportional impact of those six episodes has been immense. Originally aired in early 1994 following the success of its radio prelude On The Hour. The Day Today covered the news and, by extension, the news industry with surreal precision. With Chris Morris providing an eerily accurate impression of Jeremy Paxman in a studio that closely resembled ITN’s. News At Ten-era set, one of the show’s great strengths was that the casual viewer could flip through and not realize that it was a parody. If you weren’t paying attention Breda News Today, it could easily take a couple of minutes for you to hear a headline or report that makes you stop dead in your tracks, like, “That’s right, it’s time to inform you that the police are still looking for actor Burt Reynolds after that he stole a dodgem and took it out of a fairground in Islington. ” And if Chris Morris’s bombastic professionalism laid the groundwork, his band of fellow satellites was the perfect match: the inept economics correspondent Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan, who often “loses the news” and thinks the 30-year-old German cent is “Trenta Percenta”; Collaterlie Sisters, the anamatronic and incomprehensible business news specialist who uses charts like the Currency Kidney and the International Finance Ass to explain trends in world trade; Sylvester Stuart, the disembodied meteorological chief and Valerie Sinatra, the outrageously flirtatious transport reporter from her travel capsule a mile above Britain. But of course the most well-known add-on to Day Today is Alan Partridge, whose palpable lack of sports knowledge ended up unimpeded by a brilliant career as an early morning chat show host and DJ in East Anglian. In fact, it was some of Alan’s best sports reporting that exemplifies how extraordinarily visionary the show could be. As the program basically boils down to a collection of micro sketches assembled by idents with slogans like “Facts multiplied by importance equals news,” it is an extremely easy program to search for on sites like YouTube, even though it predates the site. almost a decade, and Alan Partridge’s football comment (“SHIT! Did you see that? He must have a foot like a traction motor!”) is one of the YouTube classics of all time. Similarly, they presented a mockumentary called The Office years before Gervais and Merchant dreamed of theirs. They even managed to get ahead of the proliferation of reality shows and histrionic soap operas with their miniseries The Pool and The Bureau. But if surreal innovation made people see it, it was the tendency to push boundaries that got people talking, the best example of this was the story of the IRA ‘dog bombs’ that exploded across the UK . The report featured cordoned off streets, people panicking as “terrierists” raced aimlessly through the streets, and funny and serious graphics showing a dog coated in a special resin flying 1,000 feet in the air. He also showed Sinn Féin’s “deputy leader” being interviewed while taking helium, to undermine his remarks. It’s still fun now though, given the tense political situation in 1994 (the IRA routinely bombed targets in the city center, including the BBC Television Center, during this period, and interviews with Sinn Fein marseodros only in silhouette with the voice of real actors). as Stephen Rea and Butch Dingle of Emmerdale dubbed him) he was dark in humor at least, and downright sassy at best.

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